Seriously Considering “Cutting the Cord”

I spent yesterday evening and this morning researching options to my bad habit.

“Hello, my name is Lora and I am seriously addicted to the television.”

There.  I’ve said it.  It’s the first step.


Onto the next step…

I have the TV on most of the time for background noise.  But the shows I watch have to give me something even if I’m not paying attention to them.  They have to educate me as well as entertain me so I usually have the Science Channel or one of the History channels keeping me company at all hours of the day and night.

Lately, though these channels haven’t fulfilled my expectations so it’s been a continual run of “How Its Made”.  Today, I have been blessed with an all day “Mythbusters” marathon and I am in TV heaven.  (Yeah, I’m weird.)

Back to the main reason to change my bad habit:  The cable bill, which combines TV and internet, is outrageous!  This is something I have known in the back of my mind, but remained in denial.  Recently, I was waiting for my mother to come out of the doctor’s office and I took a peek.  The first line item that made me what to burn it was the”Regional Sports Fee” of $1.00!  Seriously?  I don’t watch sports at all!  Yeah, it’s only a buck, but still.  That’s not a service I would ever willingly participate it.  But, wait!  It got worse when I saw the actual breakdown of my service.  Then the realization hit me.  My cable bill is actually more than my gas, electric, and water bills combined.  Now, I consider the internet portion necessary for various reasons, but the TV portion is burning money I don’t really have to throw away right now.

So I have been researching options that will be cheaper while still getting my TV fix.  There are various boxes and dongles available to get shows and movies onto my TV, none of them free.  But guess what?  I have a gem hidden near my TV that I never considered.  It’s my PlayStation3 that I bought about a year ago just to play one specific game because I wanted the “extra” bit only available on the PS3 port.

So I installed a few apps and was pleasantly surprised (after the obligatory troubleshooting of why the connection kept dropping).  I played a few YouTube videos and watched the first two episodes of a random anime.  My only complaint was that the picture was so incredibly dark.  I adjusted the brightness and it got slightly better, but not by much.

There is no getting around it now.  I need a proper HDTV.  So in order to save money I need to spend money.  But if I drop the TV portion of the cable bill, I should be able to justify the expense of a new TV in about two months.  And if I go back to DSL, it will only take a month.

There will be a few more days of research and some more playing with my PS3, but at least it will be something I can accomplish without totally cutting the cord just yet.

There are also some options for my computer that can make me pretend that I still have live TV to fill in the booming silence in my life.

I want to make this worthwhile.  The cable bill is too insanely expensive for the five channels I regularly watch.  With all the available options, this should be an easy task to accomplish with very little frustration.

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