What Have I Gotten Myself Into??

Whoever thinks that blogging is just mindlessly writing posts on random subjects, should try blogging themselves.  I’ve only just begun, but my head is spinning and I have lost all ability to write for my other blog which I hope would earn me enough to survive.  Blah!

Okay…  So I started with a complaint.  But it’s not a complaint about my blogging software or the hosting company.  It’s me I am complaining about.  (And I used variations of the word “complaint” too many times in this paragraph.)

I have a few specific goals for today.  I accomplished two of them which is great now that I have time to think about it.  I set up my Amazon Affiliate account and I fixed my Gravatar icon for my two sites.  Those are the two biggies for today.

I’m not a dunce at all.  I consider myself pretty quick on grasping new skills, especially when it comes to computers.  Microsoft Word is my best friend.  I can add mods to several of the games I play with relative ease.  And I am often the one my mother calls when there is something that is annoying her about her email program.  Google is my go-to source when I am having an issue because I am too introverted to ask someone for help.

The only thing I can’t handle is computer hardware.  There is too much electricity in my body to safely fiddle with components so I ask the local computer guru down the street to help.  But even then I will research until the cows come home so I can make his job as easy as possible, though he knows more than I do.  I think he humors me because he’s such a nice chap.

Before I settled in with my hosting company in order to set up the actual blog, I purchased several “For Dummies” books to get me started.  They are wonderful stepping stones and I try to read a little each day so I’m not totally flying blind.  Of course, a book in your hand does nothing if you don’t have an actual website.

I have to laugh as I smack the back of my own hand.  I just realized I’m ignoring my other website’s first tip.  I’m not writing everything down in a notebook.  I am taking a few notes on things that I know I’ll forget like where to go to set up the website’s favicon.  It’s not in a place where I would have intuitively thought because I tend to both over-think and under-think.  If what I’m looking for isn’t waving a bright orange neon sign right in front of my nose, I assume it’s hiding somewhere in the depths of a far dungeon, never to see the light of day.  Then there is the ever-present, “I know I saw it when I was looking for user options.”  Yeah, I did see it.  But it was some random page I clicked on as I was trying to find my way to user options.

It’s a bad case of the “new skill overload”.  My only comfort is that in a few months, I’ll look back on this post and laugh at how far I’ve come in the world of blogging.  Loading plugins manually will be second nature.  I’ll totally get the concept of FTP.  And my website won’t look like a cut and paste blog theme.

That’s my goal anyway.

Is there anyone else out there struggling like me?  Is there something that you just can’t grasp yet?  There has to be someone besides little ol’ me who wonders what the heck they’ve gotten themselves into.  I’m not alone.  I just know it.

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