Lacking Motivation (aka: Overwhelmed)

I’ll try not to make this a complaint or whining post.  I promise.

Today I am overwhelmed by blogging, which is causing me to lack motivation and that good ol’ creative spark I usually have. The stormy weather doesn’t seem to be helping matters much either.  I know I need to start typing away and creating posts for both my blogs, as I promised myself I would when I began this adventure.

Creating posts for my Computers for Late Bloomers blog should be relatively easy.  Pick a subject that involves computers and start typing.  Not too difficult surely.  But still I am struggling today.  Yesterday I spent the entire morning and a portion of the afternoon writing about Operating Systems.  I learned about Microsoft and Apple as I was researching just a few websites.  There were things I didn’t know (or realize) so it was an education for me as well.  The teacher learning besides the students has been a fascinating concept from Asian wisdom I picked up somewhere.

I try to write at lease one post per day on at least one of my blogs just so I can keep to a schedule.  A good day means I have written two posts.  Those are the daily goals I have set for myself.  But perhaps I am going about this the wrong way.  I want to succeed in this new endeavor.   I want to break away from the 9 to 5 doldrums I might have to go back to if I can’t make at least a little bit of money.

Don’t get me wrong.  I really want to help seniors learn how to use computers.  I’m certain that I will enjoy teaching at local senior centers or adult classes I can offer at local schools.  Showing my work colleagues how to do computer tasks is quite satisfying, except when someone (who shall remain unnamed, but will know of whom I am speaking if he reads this) asks for the 15,000th time how to attach a file to an email.  He is excellent at his profession, but the concept of a paperclip icon eludes him somehow.

I enjoy writing, though I’m not as proficient with non-fiction, cut-and-dry manuals.  I do want to put my own twist on concepts because I am not a wall.  I’m a human who has an ultra creative mind that wants out of the box.

My thoughts are that I should spend a day creating a written outline of what exactly I want to teach people who have no computer skills.  I’m keeping these thoughts in my mind and I wonder if I am missing something by not having them in front of my face.

I was going to write about mice today, but I find that I am a bit frightened by setting up the post.  I want to show the different mice, but I find that in the back of my mind is the fear that somehow I might infringe on someone’s copyright if I attached a picture.  That’s silly, I keep telling myself.  There are several websites that offer free stock photos that are royalty free.  I have them in my bookmarks so it’s not like I’m a total idiot.

So let’s see…
I lack confidence.
I am overwhelmed with learning about all the technical aspects of blogging (web hosting, WordPress, etc.).
I am easily distracted, flitting from one thing to another with no steady pathway.
I have no direction.
I am scared.

The good…
I am creative.
I enjoy writing.
I want to help others learn new skills.
I am by nature a good person.
I learn best by myself with occasional guidance on the tough aspects.

At least they even out in numbers so far.

Calm down…  Breathe…  Focus…

Instructions to Myself:
Tomorrow when the rain goes away and your head is clear, write an outline as detailed as you can get.  Plan each item as a post and schedule them on your calendar.  If there is research involved, do it in the morning and spend the afternoon writing.
Do not focus on this particular blog.  It is only meant as a journal of your journey through this new venture; and thus, secondary to your main blog.
Keep up the good work.  You are proud of yourself, taking a step towards making you a better you.

Pep talk over.
Back to work!  (after a good night’s sleep)

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