I’ve cut half of the cord!

Not the whole cord, mind you, just half.  I still need the other half to try to get my blog going.  I called my cable company Tuesday evening and cancelled the TV portion of my services.  How does it feel?  Am I feeling the loneliness of not having “live” TV?  Am I loosing my mind?  What am I doing with myself now?

These questions and others will be answered after this short commercial break…

No, not really.  There are no traditional commercials here, just the occasional Amazon affiliate link.

I just came back a few minutes ago from dropping off my cable equipment.  I think I was there for a total of three minutes and two of those were waiting to be helped.  The nice young man behind the counter scanned the two cable boxes and an old modem I meant to drop off five years ago, handed me a receipt, and off I went back home.

So here I sit in my living room typing away, pondering the meaning of life without cable TV.

I actually stopped watching cable TV on Sunday morning.  I turned on my PS3 to YouTube later in the evening and spent my time watching Let’s Plays for Sims 4 and Cities: Skylines.  I did get a one month trial subscription to Hulu so I can watch a few of my favorite shows like Mythbusters and Ancient Aliens as well as a ton of Japanese anime.

So what am I going to do with the $100 I’ll be saving every month?  At this point I’ll use it to help pay the bills.  I guess I’m currently without a job since I have not heard from my employer for several weeks.  Not working at that office is fine by me.  Not having an income is not fine by me.  I’m not sure what I’m eventually going to do about that problem if I can’t get this blogging thing under control.  I don’t want to go back to working in an office setting, but I need a few dollars to survive.

I am finding that other than refreshing Facebook every few minutes to see if more Let’s Play videos have been uploaded, I don’t miss the entertainment.  I am perfectly capable of entertaining myself, thank you.

Now if I could just overcome my need for some sort of noise at night.  That is my one bad TV habit.  Like a toddler that needs a nightlight, I need the light of my TV so I can sleep.  I can’t lie in silence.  It’s too creepy.  When the power goes out during a storm, I can’t sleep.  I think it goes hand-in-hand with my alarm clock anxiety.  Even though I don’t have it set right now, I’m afraid I might miss the seven o’clock wake up time I have set for myself.

One step at a time I keep telling myself.  Someday I’ll be able to do it, but today is not that day.

I do miss that the time is no longer above the TV.  That makes me feel more disconnected than not judging the time by when certain shows are on.  But these are all such minor issues.  It’s probably boring you if I didn’t loose you at the first sentence of this post.

So I will close this post for now and continue on with my life, pondering my next post and doing all the dull things I do to keep myself busy.  There is the shawl I promised myself I would finish yesterday…

Have a good day!

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