Concentration and Teaching the Basics

Have you ever tried to concentrate with two rambunctious bunnies causing trouble and making a racket?  It’s not easy.  One is bounding all over the living room like a drunken ping pong ball while the other is nibbling away at one of the plastic tunnels even though she knows she shouldn’t.  If they weren’t so darn cute, it would be rabbit stew for dinner.  (Just kidding!)

Concentration is a luxury for me.  If it’s not the rabbits causing trouble, it’s the noise of the traffic outside.  It’s hard for me to actually concentrate.  Being an HSP means I am always “on guard” and alert.  This is all well and good generally, but when I need to concentrate on writing a post, I find my mind wandering.

It’s a shame I can’t just get the ideas in my mind to suddenly appear in a well-written post loved by all.  Unfortunately, I can’t cut out the middle-men also known as writing the outline, then the article, then proofreading, and finally making it beautiful for the readers and the search engines.

It can be done.  Perhaps I need to change the time of day I write.  If I do it in the early evening when the shades are drawn and before the bun sisters wake from their afternoon nap, I might have less of a chance at being distracted.  It’s worth a shot I guess.

But for the moment it’s late morning and I have set a goal to finish this post before lunch so I can spend the rest of the day doing other projects.

Mokona and Yuki Concentrating
See? We are behaving. Don’t tell those people out there we are bad bunnies.

I did accomplish one goal today.  I wrote an article on the computer’s Number Pad.  It was a simple subject, meant to go back to the very basics of computing people might not consider.  I see some struggling with using the numbers above the letters and wondered why do they do it?  They totally ignore the Number Pad on the right side of their keyboard.  Is it this strange device they are afraid might break the computer if they use it?  No, it isn’t.  It’s a tool that can make their computing life easier.

I read somewhere that it’s good to go back to the very beginning when teaching because even though you know the subject inside and out, others might not.  They could be totally clueless because they might not understand the basics.  Don’t assume that they know what you are talking about.  To me the +. -, /, and * are plus, minus, divide, and multiply respectively.  I remember pointing this out to someone once when I saw her using the Shift key to get to the + into an Excel spreadsheet.  She was amazed and then had a “duh!” moment.

Whether I was told about them or learned them on my own, they are easy concepts because I have used them for years and they have become ingrained in my mind.  I’ve found that I am a wealth of information (both useful and useless) because of all I have learned.

Back to concentrating though…

Actually the key to concentrating for me is to make the conscious effort to not get distracted by all the cool things around me as well as the actual distractions caused by sensory input.  Do I really need to put my attention on the Verizon guys working in the Dollar General parking lot?  And do I really need to care if that car driving by pulls into my side street?  No, I don’t.  But I do.  That’s the hard part for me.  I do care in a small way.  What if the Verizon guys hit a gas line and cause an explosion?  What if that person pulling onto my street is actually my future husband asking for directions?  In the end they are all silly thoughts and needless distractions.  I should only care about the words that are in my mind that need to be written onto the computer screen in front of me.  Does anyone know where I can get an On/Off switch for my brain at a reasonable price?  Oh, if it were only so easy…


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