The Seraphina Shawl Lights up the Skies

I finally finished one of the Seraphina Shawls I did in Lion Brand Homespun Harvest.  Whatcha think?  She’s so fuzzy!  Almost too fuzzy as she is shedding more than the rabbits are.

My Harvest Seraphina Shawl
My Harvest Seraphina Shawl

Since the yarn is so thick it didn’t take much time.  But she did gobble up almost five skeins of yarn!  And now that I have the pattern memorized, it was so easy!  All I can do is gush about my new friend.

There isn’t much more to say other than there is a sequel coming and this one will feature Red Heart Unforgettable in Stained Glass as the leading actress!

I love self-striping yarn!  It adds such depth and interest as the project progresses.  The only downside is that with the Seraphina pattern being triangular and steadily increasing, the stripes don’t show as monotonously as a straight scarf would.  The only way  to combat that would be to do the striping myself, but that would require me to weave in ends to secure them and that is the last chore I want to tackle.  Who actually enjoys weaving in the ends?  I have yet to find someone.  And if you do know someone, please let me know.  I could set them on an interesting employment path.

Now for the household review of my latest Seraphina shawl.

“It was fine before you put those fringe things on it.  I hate the fringes!  They want to eat me!” –Yuki Kabuki

“Mmmm…  Nice colors, ma’am.  What flavor does it come in?  Would you recommend them for my next batch of honey?” –Mr. Worker Bee that stopped by during the photo shoot

I also used it to take photos of Mom’s laptop for my other website.  Unfortunately, my legs were reflected in the screen so that photo was scrapped.

With the recent turn to fall-like weather it has come in quite handy.  I bundled myself in it one evening about a week ago while my teeth chattered away as I sat at my computer, too lazy to close the windows.  And then I used it last night to watch the fireworks set off as NASA tested a Black Brant rocket in Virginia.  Normally I would have missed something like this.  But I sat my rear in the rocking chair outside after I watched the launch on NASA TV.  I had myself all wrapped up and scanned the skies.  As I was about to give up, I saw a yellow halo high in the sky that looked very much like a muted sun in a fantasy painting.  It was gorgeous and I was giddy!  I’m so silly that way.

And tonight Seraphina and I will once more scan the skies because rumor has it that the Draconid Meteor Shower will peak tonight.  I just hope that my neighbor will be gone like he was last night.  He has a horrible habit of keeping his obnoxious floodlight on at all times of the night and day.  Such a waste of electricity!

I know I’m have a glorious conversation with myself, but has anyone else out there ever crocheted a Seraphina Shawl?  Did you enjoy creating it?  And what color yarn did you use?  Let me know below!  Have a good one and stay sane!


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