My Biggest Crocheting Complaint

I love crocheting.  I really do.  There is a challenge in deciphering instructions that makes the cogs in my brain creak and turn.  It’s calming once I’ve stopped raging at what feels like my own stupidity when I’ve frogged the first few rows for the fifteenth time and it starts looking more like the finished project.  Then as the project grows before my eyes, I find myself being amazed at the creativity I possess, gaining confidence with myself as a human being.

Now for the downside…

My biggest crocheting complaint is that there are just too many patterns out there for me to try, the next more lovely that the one before. If you look at the pages I have bookmarked and the PDF files I have saved into the Crochet folder in My Documents, you’ll only get a fraction of the patterns I have found interesting.

I could spend a thousand years crocheting before I put a reasonable dent in the patterns I want to try.  I guess that could be another issue with me crocheting.  There is never enough time in the day or in my life to get it all done.  It’s a bit sad when I think about it, which can cause me to sit and stare into space as I regret that I’ll never get it all done.  Somehow I get over it and pick up my work and continue on.

Yesterday, I spent a great deal of time pouring over pages and pages online as well as perusing my own stash trying to find the perfect scarf for Red Heart Boutique’s Unforgettable in Cappuccino that I want for a friend’s Christmas present.  She’s been so lovely to me the last few months and deserves something special.

The original pattern that I had planned on using had to be scrapped as I just could not get the woven pattern to flow even after the first three rows.  After wasting a little bit of the Unforgettable since it does not frog well, I grabbed some cheap, basic yarn I had nearby to see the stitches better.  That did not help and even made the pattern less appealing to me.

So off to the internet for some inspiration.  I was looking for a stitch that could be expanded to make the scarf wider.  I figure if my friend needs to bundle up this winter as we walk to Union Transportation Trail, she should be able to cover her head as well as her face.

I also realized yesterday that I am a visual learner.  I don’t really like written instructions as the words all bunch together and I loose my place easily.  Diagrams are easier on my eyes.  And as an alternative, I like to use video tutorials to understand the pattern.

It was later in the afternoon that I found a pattern that I liked, the Button Up Neck Warmer.  The stitch allows the project to be widened by seven stitch increments, even allowing it to be turned into an afghan.  A few hours later and many views of the tutorial video and I began to get the hang of it.  Then the room began to get dark as the natural light faded.

Button Up Neck Warmer - scarf version
Using Red Heart Unforgettable in Cappuccino

Looking at the scarf this morning, I find that the pattern is beautiful and may become a “go to” stitch in the future.

So now comes the next issue:  Finding a nice afghan pattern for my friend’s dog who has become quite attached to me.  He’s big and beefy, probably scaring you if you saw him barking at you at my friend’s front door.  But he’s such a sweetie once you get to know him.  I have a few ideas in mind, but I know I’ll end up going nuts trying to find the perfect pattern for him.

So it will begin again…


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