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I have used Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn for several of my projects over the years, from an afghan that took over a decade to finally finish to what I imagine will be my heirloom blanket.  However, it wasn’t until my latest project that I began to appreciate the yarn itself for its colors and its softness.

My default yarn has always been the traditional Red Heart Super Saver or similar worsted weight from another company because it is relatively cheap and makes my projects easier to work my way through.  I still consider myself a beginner crocheter, even as I have combated more intermediate stitches.  I like the challenge, but not always the fancier yarn with its bumps and differing thicknesses.  Inevitably, I always frog my work in frustration because the fancy yarn makes it too difficult to see the individual stitches, especially since inspiration usually hits in the late afternoon as the sun recedes below the horizon; my eyes tired and unable to focus in the fading daylight.

For instance, the Rich Textures Cable Tote Bag I hope to make as my grab bag present for the Knitting Group’s Annual Christmas Party.  (Disclaimer:  I am the rebel crocheter in a group of knitters that meets every Tuesday morning at the local library.)  Several of the girls admired my first bag, playfully suggesting they might wish to mug me in the parking lot.  I made it in a bright green cotton from Peaches & Cream which was both bright in color and regular in thickness for my first attempt at the Bobble Cluster stitch.  The tote for the party is being done in Canon’s One Pound in the Off White color.  I don’t have enough of the cotton to make a bag so I decided to try it in my default yarn which has more “give” than the cotton.  It’s working up quite well as the Bobble Clusters and the Front Post Double Crochets give the bag “bulk”.  But if I find the Off White too dull, I can always make another in one of the brighter colors I have in my yarn version of a Black Hole.

Lion Brand Wool Ease
Sophie’s Universe using Lion Brand Wool Ease

For my version of Sophie’s Universe that I feel may be my “heirloom” piece since it is going quite slow with its intricate stitches, I am using Lion Brand Wool Ease, mainly because I had an over abundance of Forest Green and Mushroom left over from my Basket Weave afghan that has Granny Squares as a border.  I added more colors from my mother’s stash along with some more I found at an online bargain sale.  No doubt I will need much more yarn by the time all is said and done since not only is it incredibly colorful, it’s also very big.  The Lion Brand Wool Ease had somewhat muted colors and the more I work with it the more I believe the Sophie’s Universe afghan will become my pride and joy once it is complete.

From Wool Ease’s soft heathers to more its solid variations, the wide colorway lends itself well to many different projects, whether you are looking for gradual shifts in color or dramatic changes.  The colors are natural and not harsh like some of the brighter yarns.  If you don’t want a neon or bright project consider Wool Ease.

It wasn’t until I began a 12-point Spectrum Afghan for my friend’s dog that I realized how amazingly soft it is.  As the days become colder, I find myself working on his blanket just to cuddle with it on my lap.  I often find myself wondering if I should just get him a rawhide bone instead and keep the blanket for myself.  He is a special dog with such soulful eyes so I know that this is for him so I really can’t be selfish.

Lion Brand Wool Ease
12-point Spectrum Afghan for my friend’s dog using Lion Brand Wool Ease

Lion Brand Wool Ease works up soft even if the strands feel somewhat rough in my fingers compared to the Caron’s One Pound.  There have been the occasions that the individual strands may catch into a stitch, but a quick redo fixes that.  It frogs well, never getting knotted if you find yourself needing to fix your mistakes from several rows back.

If you are looking for a nice yarn for your next project and you decide to go with a softer color tone, give Lion Brand Wool Ease a try.  You may be happily surprised at how well your project turns out.  And no doubt you too will find yourself cuddling under it as you work.

Have a great day everyone!  Until next time, stay sane in this crazy world!

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