Saving Money on Your Car Insurance

Car insurance in the state of New Jersey is high.  There is no denying it.  Saving money on your car insurance can be tough, but for some drivers researching companies and adjusting their policies can be well worth the effort.

I am not the type of person to just make random changes in my life.  I can’t be bothered most of the time with researching prices to get the best deal.  It takes too much time away from what I would rather be doing with my time.  Being mostly unemployed at the moment, reducing costs has become a necessity.

I’m an excellent driver.  And I’m not “tooting my own horn” just for fun.  I mean it.  I drive below the posted speed limit, further reducing speed for adverse weather and traffic conditions.  I stop completely at the white line on the road, only inching forward if my vision is blocked.  I take pride in obeying the traffic laws.

neighborhood tire

Saving Money on Your Car Insurance
This is the flat tire I woke up to one morning several years ago when my neighborhood was plagued by someone puncturing tires.

Everyone that takes on the responsibility once they receive their driver’s license should obey the law.  It is the law to keep other drivers as well as pedestrians (and the occasional tree, mailbox, or fence) safe.  Too many times I see drivers who are in a hurry do unlawful things and it drives me crazy!  And because they get away with it, they feel that it is just fine to continue to break the traffic laws.  Drivers should obey the law as a matter of course, not make the short-staffed police officers act as babysitters.

This isn’t to say I haven’t had my share of accidents or speeding tickets in my younger days.  I lost my favorite car while making a blinded left-hand turn onto a busy road.  She was a beauty and I only had her for a month:  a teal, 6-cylinder stick shift with smokey black interior and more coffee cup holders than I could ever imagine.  Then I killed her.  I was heartbroken.  And the local Chief of Police called me into his office for a thorough verbal lashing, reducing my ticket because he knew my tears were real and I was truly remorseful.  Thank you, sir.

Of course the insurance company I had at the time dropped me and my new insurance company charged me an arm and a leg for coverage.  It was my punishment for being so careless.  Perhaps a part of me still feels that I need to pay my dues even though the only injuries were to the two cars involved.  And it was several decades ago.  With my current financial situation I must reduce this part of my budget.  If I want to pay for my internet so I can continue to blog and hopefully start my freelance writing career, I need to find some hidden pennies.

My financial adviser also offers car insurance so I took him up on his offer as my current policy is set to renew early this month.  When the policy arrived in my mailbox I contacted him and he referred me to the person in the office that handles the car insurance.  I dropped off my paperwork so she could compare my policy with theirs.  I was confused when I received the email this morning with the quote.  My current policy is roughly $600 for a six-month policy while this other company is just under $700 for the entire year.  This is the same coverage with over 50% in savings!  If I could squeeze another $100 from somewhere, my policy with this new company can be paid for the year and not just for the six months my current insurance company is offering.

However, now comes the part that I dread.  I need to call my current car insurance company and see if they can give me the same savings.  There isn’t much I can finagle with this current policy unless I drop the complete coverage for my car and increase my deductible.  That is what I see by looking at the numbers on the pages in front of me.

My saving grace for the moment is that the battery on my cell phone is dead and needs to be recharged.  So later on this afternoon, I will call my current insurance company and see if they can offer me a similar price.  So stay tuned for the next exciting installment of “Saving Money on Your Car Insurance” coming tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day, folks!

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