The Non-Holidays of the Season

Wandering through the non-existent snow on a two bunny pile of hay…  It’s the time for my annual Non-Holidays Holiday.   I do not like this time of the year.  Not only is there less daylight, but the temperatures are normally dropping.  The stores are crowded.  People are more miserable than usual.  The only good thing about this time of the years is the food, especially the cookies.

I don’t normally go to any department stores after Thanksgiving.  It’s too crowded and as we all know, the holidays have become more of a commercial holiday and less of a family/religious thing.  Though in all reality, the religious thing has gotten out of hand as well.  But that it a discussion for another day.  So I celebrate Non-Holidays during this time of the year.  I am the bear that hibernates and refuses to come out until the snow has melted and the weather is warm again.

To top it all off I’ve been battling a chest cold the last week.  During the day I’m fairly fine, but early morning is when the congestion starts.  I’ve tried my normal go to for allergy medication, but it did nothing to dry me up.  Only some soothing honey cough drops, a hot shower, and some less-than-pleasant lung hacking gets me through the morning leaving me with only a low grade headache and the occasional cough for the rest of the day.

One of the girls from the library’s knitting group had a holiday party earlier this month.  We all had a great time, especially trying to play the games.  Our brain cells were working more than usual.

Try this one on for size:  I spied my maternal parent osculating a fat man in red.
Can you guess the song title?  It’s “I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus”.

Sims 3 Shang Simla vacation home
Sims 3 Shang Simla vacation home

My creative spirit has shifted the past few weeks and I’m feeling just a bit embarrassed because it is one of my guilty pleasures, aka “The Sims 3”.  There were some hiccups along the way in an Error 12 memory issue for the Save File I was itching to play.  After two straight days of fiddling and futzing, I discovered that the lot the family was living on was causing the issue.  It’s a shame since it was a lovely lot by a well known creator, though I’ve a strong suspicion that it was the two odd iron posts that appeared in the front yard that were not clickable.  I’m not sure where they came from, so it might not be the lot itself.  In the end I moved the family into a farmhouse with two ghost horses and all is working well.  Currently, they are visiting the husband’s family in Shang Simla so the wife can struggle her way through the many tombs on her way to be my version of the Ultimate Sim.

Also in the spirit of my Sims 3 obsession, I’ve been binge watching Sims 3 Let’s Plays on YouTube.  Not only are they entertaining, I have picked up a few tips and tricks along the way.  It’s in my nature to research what I don’t know and I appreciate all the hard work others have done to help me gain knowledge.  Not only do I often lack courage in the beginning when I’m learning something new, I also want to know just what I’m getting myself into as I head along the road of life.

Here is a very good example of this:  I’m trying to finish all the adventures in Shang Simla.  I know that I am missing one final relic.  Yesterday it was driving me crazy that I could not get the adventure to come up on the adventure board.  It kept wanting to send me to Champs le Sims.  So I started to ponder what the issue was.  Did I already do the tomb and forgot to get the relic?  Did the husband get the adventure instead?  Nope.  I just now discovered with some assistance from Google that I indeed have to go to Champ le Sims to get the keystone for that final tomb.  Oh well…  At least the family can enjoy their time together.

Something else that has been occupying my time it that I am trying to figure out where I want to go as far as earning money.  Currently, I am not employed.  That great idea I had of being part time ended up being no time; which was great for my mental and emotional state, but terrible for the wallet.  I have enough to get me by for a few more months, but I really need to find some steady income.  I have an appointment with someone from the local library to help me find clients that would hire me for some freelance writing work.  So I will need to sit down and come up with a more detailed business plan so I don’t look like a complete idiot when I see her next week.

With the warm but rainy weather coming up in the next few days, I am planning on spending the holidays with the windows open and a pen in my hand furiously coming up with ideas.  Today, though I am going to finish my friend’s scarf and do some more Simming as I continue to fight this darn cold.

Have a great day, folks!

ps.  Pltz! on SEO.  I officially give up on the post.  It’s taken me longer to get the SEO than it took me to write this post.  Happy Non-Holidays!

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