Chaos in a Topsy-turvy World

The world has lost its mind.
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It is Chaos out there and I’m not sure I like it.  Life lately has felt like a never ending episode of Twilight Zone. You know the one.  It’s where the man wakes up to find he has a wife he never knew existed as well as a life he doesn’t remember living.  Between the 60 degree weather just yesterday, the record-breaking snowfall last month, and the current state of the world, it’s as though the world has fallen on its proverbial head and gotten a really bad concussion.  Reasonable people are saying unreasonable things.

I’m waiting for the punchline and hoping it won’t be a literal punch to our collective face.  Is it just me or does anyone else feel the same?

When I was in college, I took a Philosophy class.  As each concept was discussed I became more interested.  However, one perception has remained with me throughout the years:  That we have our own internal reality and the outside world is just an illusion we have created.

If this is the case, then I must have one heck of a warped sense of humor.  I mean, in what reasonable reality is the following allowed to exist?

  • A child ruler that is allowed to play around with nuclear weapons, as he taunts the leader of the country to the south like a bully at recess?
  • An egotistical real estate mogul turned game show host being a political party’s most popular candidate for the highest position in the country?
  • Misinformed politicians claiming they have more credence about climate change than scientists who perform experiments that produce solid, undeniable results?
  • The list goes on and on.

What is a sane person to do?

Hide under the covers and wishing it to all turn back to normal is not going to work.  Arguing with people isn’t going to work.  Sometimes even trying to talk calmly doesn’t do much either.  Even providing them with undeniable proof does nothing.  They are stuck in their own little version of reality.

There must be a simple solution to this Topsy-turvy World, but I haven’t found it yet.  And believe me, I have thought about it.  Though I don’t have either a true philosopher’s mind nor a complete solid grasp of higher science, I get the feeling that there is a solution staring us all in the face.

Chaos vs. Order
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It’s a case of “without order nothing can exist” vs. “without chaos nothing can evolve”.  This strikes me as odd since those demanding order are causing the chaos in the world.  Or they are just spouting utter nonsense as loudly as they can so they drown out reasonable voices.

I often see myself as an outsider to those screaming for order.  I do not follow their path.  Though there is magick in the world, science exists to give us a firm grasp on reality.  It puts food on our table and keeps the planets from bumping against each other.  Who knows?  It may one day prove that we really do create our own reality and the rest is just an illusion.

I’ll see you later, unless I wake to find that I have a husband who is going to take me and our fifteen children to Disney Land for a vacation.  I’m sure I need it.  The stress of this new reality has obviously gotten to me.

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