Writing a Personal Resume

Writing a Personal Resume
Is this you thinking about your job search?  Write a Personal Resume.

A Personal Resume differs from a normal resume in that you showcase your interests and hobbies.  These are the activities that you are passionate about and what brings you joy.  It doesn’t matter if you get a bit high on the smell of a well-baked tray of cookies or that you feel satisfaction when a painting is complete.  This is what defines you as a person, separate from the drudgery of those chores that lead to a paycheck.

Do you feel dissatisfied with yourself when you hand your prospective employer the same old resume, knowing you are so much more than what is printed in those bold, black letters on a drab, white sheet of paper?

If you are like me, you find yourself looking at your boring business resume and realizing that when you joined the workforce you fell into the comfort zone of jobs that are painfully mundane. Whether it was from lack of experience causing you to take that repetitive job stapling sheets of paper together or some other death-by-boredom position, you know you are so much more as a human being.  But here you are, looking for another boring job because your business resume reads like a chapter in “Blah Blah Blah” or whatever was the most boring book you’ve ever read.

I was lucky in that one of my relatives was an executive for a large company.  My first job was with my younger cousin pulling staples to prepare old invoices for microfilming.  When I finished high school, I moved into the Payroll Department.  (Side note:  When people advise to not work for family, they mean it.  Especially, if your family members are nosy troublemakers.  But that’s a tale for another day.)  Many, many years later and I was still doing office work, almost literally crying tears of boredom.

Looking back I realize that I should have bitten the bullet and begged my parents to loan me the money so I could go to college full-time, earning a degree in a more suitable field for my personality.  But I didn’t and this is where I am in my life right now:  Basically unemployed and sickened by the thought of yet another office job.  I dread going back into an office situation.  Just thinking of being under bright florescent lights that make my face burn and my eyelids heavy makes me shiver with cold panic.  A ringing phone makes me jump.  But enough of my issues!

In an attempt to help me find the perfect job (or as close to perfect as I can get), I decided to try something a bit different.  My business resume lists my past work experience and whatnot.  It’s boring.  It does not stand out.  And it’s not really who I am.  It’s what I have done in my life to make money to survive.  I can’t sell myself in that manner because it feels wrong to me.

“Here.  I can do office procedure X, Y, and Z.  I will do it because it is required of me.  Now let me have a paycheck that is below what I am worth because I have no energy to lie and tell you how great I am.”

I can’t sell what I am not passionate about.  And I am not passionate about what is in my business resume.

As I was writing down my usual notes for one of the many online games I enjoy playing, I thought to myself that I could really do well as a farm manager.  No, this isn’t FarmVille.  This game is more in depth and requires patience and forethought.  I like it so much that I have farms on four of the seven servers.  I used to have five farms, but when I was working that last one was just too much to handle and the game began to become a chore rather than a much needed distraction.

I also love to crochet.  If I could make a living crocheting all day long, I would be one very happy camper.  I don’t know what it is about crochet.  I have knitted in the past and I go to a knitting social once a week at the local library.  But I’m a rebel.  I’m not ashamed to say that I crochet while others are knitting.  I get away with it.  My Mom has been there for quite a while and is loved by everyone there.  But if someone really grumbles, I have the knitted kimono I’ve been struggling to finish in the backseat of the car.

But back to my point…

Why don’t I create a Personal Resume for myself?  I have many interests.  I’m creative.  I love to solve problems.  Some of my talents can be used for an actual job that earns actual money.  It’s just a matter of breaking through that glass ceiling to find something that will bring me joy every morning as I crawl out of bed.

So I will hand prospective employers two resumes from now on.  One is my Business Resume that lists my past employment and what I have done.  The other will show my interests, showing what will make me passionate about the work I am seeking.  This is my Personal Resume.  It’s me personally, not some robot part of me.

My Personal Resume will be much different.  I plan on showing off my fun side.  I love colors, both bright and earthy.  Swirls and spirals could indicate my interesting sense of humor.  I’ll include a few photos of past crochet projects and maybe some screenshots of cities I have designed that are thriving.  The possibilities are endless.  Of course, I won’t go too crazy.  Prospective employers also need to see the real me without too much fluff.

Of course, there will be bits I will leave out.  It’s no one’s business what my deeply personal beliefs are.  Those are between me and the wall I speak to every day.

What do you think?  I know it’s a bit strange, but I need to get out of this box.  Life is too short to spend your days hating what you have become.

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