Future Plans for My Website

After some well needed time alone, I am looking forward to bringing you some exciting future plans for my website.  It has been a long time coming and I am ready to begin this new adventure!

A Taste of Yarn
This is a small collection of my yarns (handspun and commercial) and the projects I am crocheting.

I’ve been trying to find a way to bring my love of crochet to others. In-person teaching has been a good way to start, but I feel that something is missing in a two hour class. Learning the very basic chain stitch is not easy for someone who has never touched a hook. The beginner is concentrating so hard on one or two steps that they can’t process the rest of the entire dance.


Learning from others and sharing what you know is a terrific way to improve your skill and great a sense of community so I’d also like to connect to crocheters with more experience as well.

After dabbling with this website for the past several years, I am going to sit down and get serious about blogging.  The problem is that I’m not really a good planner and an ever poorer executioner.  However, over the past few weeks my new notebook has begun to overflow with blog post ideas while my fingers send my hook flying as my creative spirit tries out new patterns.

I still need to work on getting what’s in my mind into something that makes sense to someone else.  Thank goodness that there is a fairly straightforward recipe for crochet patterns.  Once the design is complete, I just need to figure out the formula and write it down.  Easy peasy, right?

Wrong.  In steps my wandering mind along with with my distaste for rewrites.  Someone invented pencils with erasers for a reason, didn’t they?  Unlike my livingroom I prefer a pristine, white piece of paper.  Paper is supposed to have oodles of doodles and notes that have been scratched out, right?

A Taste of Yarn
This is a small collection of my yarns (handspun and commercial) and the projects I am crocheting.

Also, please bear with me as I learn the ropes and hone my photography and writing skills.  It’s not going to be perfect in the beginning.  No one ever is.  I generally write fantasy fiction in the evenings to ease my stressed mind.  And photos are generally grainy pictures of the Bun Sisters during their evening playtime.  Having a structured blog is not something that I am used to.  I am willing to learn, however; so that should count for something.  Right?

Now, back on topic.

My Planned schedule:

Starting today, I will be writing a post every weekday. I have each post in draft form just waiting for a final rewrite (ugh!) and lovely pictures to accompany it.  Then I will schedule them to be published for your enjoyment.

Handspun Yarn
This is a some of the handspun yarn I have made along with a few finished projects.

Monday – Misc. Monday
Expect a wide variety of topics as I have many ideas floating through my mind.  There will be yarn reviews, tips and tricks, my thoughts on “current” fashion trends (Note:  I’m usually the last on the bus for this type of thing.), a few motivational posts for those that need it, and much, much more!

Tuesday – What’s on My Hook?
This will be either a pattern by another designer (expect plenty of fermenting WIP’s) or maybe even a little peek at something I’m planning to release.

Wednesday – Pattern Releases
Should say it all.  But don’t be surprised if I link you to a pattern by another designer I find hard to resist.

Thursday – What’s on My Bobbin?
Yup, I spin some of my own yarn.  I’ll show you what I’m working on and what I’m thinking of it so far.  Also, don’t be too surprised if one of my spindles makes an appearance.

Friday – Beginner Crochet Series
I’m really excited about this series.  I feel that many of the people I teach in my beginner classes would benefit from some extra instruction so I want to offer them some backup to my in-person lessons.  Some of my students are intimidated learning a new skill as the hook and yarn feeling awkward in their hands while other seems to feel frustrated because they can’t do the dishcloth in the two hours of class time.  This series is for them to slow down so they think through the process.  In the beginning it’s all about creating muscle memory and learning what to do with the hook and yarn.  I would love to do a video series for beginners, but I’m not sure I have the proper setup.  We’ll see though.

Now that I have this written down, I am committing myself to doing this.  I’m also really excited about connecting to other crocheters, both new and experienced.  Please join me on this adventure and let’s have fun with yarn!

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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