WIP Tuesday: Cloudberry Blanket by Mijo Crochet

WIP Cloudberry Blanket
Today’s WIP: The Cloudberry Blanket by Mijo Crochet

Welcome to the first installment of WIP Tuesday!  I’m looking forward to sharing projects that are currently on my hook in the hopes you will be inspired to join me.  There is also my selfish desire to kick myself in the rear so I can finally get my ever expanding pile before my home gets taken over by the WIP Monster.

Today’s highlight is the “Cloudberry” blanket/lapghan designed by Johanna Lindahl of Mijo Crochet which caught my eye several months ago as I was browsing her website.

Mijo Crochet designs are fun to crochet.  There are no complicated stitches and the patterns are easy to follow.  Her patterns also come in several languages.  The “Dragon Belly” shawl I made last summer in Lion Bran Mandala is only missing  the border because I ran out of yarn.  After showing it off to my Social Knitting at the Library friends, my mother and two other girls were inspired to make their own.  There is also a colorful pile of Scheepjes Stone Washed aching to become a “Lost in Time” shawl.

The Pattern

My Progress on the Cloudberry Blanket
This is how the blanket looks up to round 25

The hexagon shape is unusual for a blanket, but it is such a lovely design.  This pattern has been saved in my bookmarks for quite awhile as I waited for the right yarn to match the pattern.

At first blush, you might think that just having double crochets and chain stitches might be a bit boring.  But just look at the photo!  The filet-style crochet is beautiful!  Though the pattern calls for several color changes, you can see that the Hayfield yarn I chose does the work for you.

Though the pattern has 27 rounds (The border is the 28th round.), I plan on making making my blanket much bigger by repeating rounds 16 through 27 at least twice.

This blanket will be perfect as a highlight for a solid colored comforter like the one that covers my own bed.  So with my growing excitement, my blanket should be fairly easy to finish, especially since the Hayfield yarn is a chunky weight and the pattern repeats are easy to remember.

The Yarn

Hayfield Colour Rich Chunky
The yarn I used for the Cloudberry Blanket by Mijo Crochet

Who would have thought that the four skeins of Hayfield Colour Rich Chunky (unfortunately discontinued) that I had hidden away would suit this pattern perfectly?  With it’s long color changes of deep violet to dark gray, color #0384 gives the Cloudberry Blanket a Gothic feel.  It is surprisingly soft for a 100% acrylic yarn while the 355 yards means my blanket can grow much larger with my three remaining skeins by just repeating several rounds.  Let’s just hope that I remember to do the border.

Thanks for joining me for the first WIP Tuesday!  Hopefully, I have inspired you to try this pattern.  I’ll try not to keep you waiting too long for me to finish and I promise I will keep you updated on my progress

Have an excellent day!

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Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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