Fractal Spinning a Bluefaced Leicester Braid

For my first “What’s on my Bobbin?”, I would like to introduce you to my half-finished Fractal Spinning a Bluefaced Leicester Braid.  Because I only have four bobbins for my Louet S17, my spinning projects should be fairly easy to have a “Finished Project Follow Up” blog post written for them.

BFL Fractal
This is the second half of the BFL Fractal Spin I am currently doing.

I really wish I could remember exactly which booth I bought this fiber from.  I really do.  But that day at New Jersey Sheep and Wool was such a blur.  It was my first time there as a spinner looking for fiber and I was so overwhelmed.  I tried my best to grab business cards and keep receipts with the fiber, but I failed for this braid.  At the very least I am sure that it is a Bluefaced Leicester because I clearly remember the sign above the display.

The Spin

BFL Fractal
Close up of the spin so far.

This is a fractal spin which I love doing for colorful braids like this one.  I’ve already done the ply with the shorter color changes.  I only have to spin the other half of the braid and then ply them together.  Easy peasy.  It is such a lovely braid and such a pleasure to spin. However, due to lack of time and my mind just not being into spinning this past month, I’ve only done half of the braid.

Currently, the first ply is 24 wraps per inch which I hope will be a light worsted once it is finished.  With its softness, I see it as a nice scarf, cowl, or shawlette.

The Mood:

What originally caught my eye is the yellow and orange tones mixed with the natural color of the wool and light gray dye.  Looking at the braid again I am reminded of February.  I tried to be bright and sunny, but the weather and circumstances made me gray and sad.  Some of the gray has even broken to dark purple like that one lonely crack of thunder I heard a week ago.  Thankfully, February is now over.

Hopefully, things will begin looking up for me this coming month.  The spring will bring all the brightness of the daffodils and with it warm, sunny weather.  May the clouds be few and far between.

Plans for the Finished Product

I have not yet made up my mind if this skein will remain in my stash as a reminder of this past February or if i will add it to the sale pile for someone else to enjoy and create new memories with it.  Time and the finished skein will decide.  I think I will call it “February Blues, Looking Forward to Spring”.

BFL Fractal
My progress on this spin so far

Thanks for reading my first post of this weekly series.  Let me know in the comments below what your currents spinning WIP’s are so we can encourage each other to finish our projects.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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