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Taking notes from my educational weekend

How was your weekend?  Mine was educational.  I streamed Craftsy classes during one of its free weekends.  It’s a great way to get tips and tricks on a large variety of crafts from baking to quilting to painting, and or course, crochet and spinning.  There are paid courses, but I found several free ones too.  Craftsy is so much more that just online classes for crafting students though.

Unless I get an email from my mother about class discounts or free weekends, I tend to forget about Craftsy.  Normally, you can find me wandering aimlessly around Ravelry, looking for a specific pattern and getting distracted by everything else.  It’s a rabbit hole many of my yarn craft friends get lost in too.  But Ravelry can’t help me like Cratsy can.  Their online classes are incredibly helpful when I want to learn more about drafting techniques or crochet amigurumi.

Now that the free weekend is over I took a look at Craftsy’s Free Mini Classes and I was astonished to see the wide variety of topics.  I expected to see the sewing machine basics, baking and cooking tips, and of course Deborah Robson’s “Know Your Wool” that I just watched yesterday.  However, the “The Bandsaw: Setting Up for Successful Sawing” was a shock.  It’s crafting with wood after all, but still…  My fingers cringed just thinking about it.

But Craftsy is so much more than video instructions.  They have many patterns, free and paid, that people in their community have submitted.  I just took a look at my Pattern Library after adding a few more and was delightfully surprised at all the different crochet block patterns I saved.

Craftsy also has a supply shop.  For crocheters, along with the hooks and other notions they have yarn, some of which you can’t find in your local department or craft store and the prices are pretty good.  Unfortunately, they did not have any spinning supplies so I will have to look elsewhere for that craft.

I’m looking forward to pulling out my spinning wheel and perfecting all six of the drafting techniques I learned this weekend.  I would also love to do a blanket with those crochet blocks as well as try a free cooking class or two.

I’ll be signing up to receive emails about Craftsy’s next free weekend so I can let you know on my Facebook page.  Or, even better, why don’t you sign up yourself?

Did you catch the Free Streaming Weekend?  If so, what did you watch?  Did you find a new hobby you want to try or did you learn something new about crochet or spinning?  Let me know in the comments below.

Have an excellent day!

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