Revisiting the Seraphina Shawl Pattern by Doni

Seraphina Shawl
Stitch detail of the Seraphina Shawl by Doni

Several years ago I wrote a blog post about the “Seraphina Shawl” by Doni.  This is my all time favorite shawl pattern.  At least six of these fantastic shawls have passed through my hooks with one or two still waiting to be finished.

If you look on the Seraphina Shawl’s Ravelry page, you will see that it is quite popular with over 1600 projects.  I’m not the only person who considers this pattern their favorite either as it’s beautiful and fun to crochet.

The original pattern webpage seems to have been abandoned but there is a thread on Crochetville that posted corrections and even a colorful diagram (2nd post of the thread – MimiFL’s graph).  The corrected version is the best version to use and it clarifies a few things that are missing or confusing in the original.  However, the pictures in the original pattern are a fantastic tool if you want to know what stitch goes exactly where.

What Makes This Pattern My Favorite?

First, I love the way the Seraphina Shawl drapes over my shoulders and around my body.  It’s bat wing design means that the shawl will stay in place as I move around.  The pattern can be made with any weight or style of yarn and it can be as big or small as you want it to be.  The choice is yours.

Jazz Handz Seraphina Shawl
The Seraphina Shawl done in Dragon Fire by Jazz Handz Fusion Fiber.

My smallest shawl so far was done using Jazz Handz Fusion Fibers in the color Dragon Fire.  The long changing gradient made it fun to crochet and I love how it goes from yellow to orange and then finally to brown.  It’s just larger than a bandana and I wear it tied around my neck with the point in the front to show off the stitches.

Seraphina Shawl in Red Heart unforgettable Stained Glass
Stitch detail on the Stained Glass color of Red Heart Unforgettable yarn

The largest Seraphina Shawl I crocheted used the Stained Glass color from Red Heart’s Unforgettable yarn.  It seemed to take forever and I feel like I cleaned out Walmart’s stock on a weekly basis as I worked on it (okay, slight exaggeration).  It ended up being huge (go figure), but it works well for a cool spring day.

And yes, I did finally finish the Homespun version that frustrated me long ago.  You can see it in my original post.


I must tell you the truth though.  I hated this pattern when I first attempted it over ten years ago.  Maybe I should have chosen another yarn rather than the crimpy boucle of Lion Brand Homespun.  Or maybe I wasn’t really ready for that level of crochet.  I struggled through the pattern and I don’t think that I actually finished even one shawl.  But, like many things in my life, the pattern needed to marinate in my mind until it was ready.  When I got back into crocheting, I hunted down the pattern and tried it again.  This time it clicked and I was off to the races!  Now I love it and the Seraphina Shawl is my go-to pattern.

Seraphina Shawl
My original Seraphina in Lion Brand Homespun

Have you tried this pattern yet?  What yarn did you use and how did your shawl come out?  I would love to know.

By the way, please excuse the bad quality of the Stained Glass and Dragon Fire photos.  It’s a gray, snowy day here so the lighting is as depressing as the weather.  Spring is this month, right?  Right?!

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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