Beginner Crochet Series – Getting to Know Your Hook

Crochet hooks in the snow
Using the recent weather to my advantage

I know your first thought is to bypass this post.  Please don’t.  It’s important to know your crochet hook because it is the tool you will be using.  It is your partner in this endeavor.  It is an extension of your hand like a pencil is when you write.

In the beginning you might hate your crochet hook.  It’s awkward and doesn’t listen to what you are telling it to do.  But it’s just like picking up a pencil for the first when you were a child.  You need to train your muscles so they use the correct movements to make your stitches.

Parts of the Crochet Hook

While there won’t be any quizzes at the end of each class, it’s still a good idea to become familiar with the parts of a crochet hook.  You will be using the entire hook in some form as you crochet.

Crochet hook parts
These are the parts of the crochet hooks.

Holding Your Hook in Your Hand

Fidget one of your hooks for a few minutes.  You don’t need yarn because we are only going to hold the hook so you get used to the way it feels.  Have you seen someone else crochet?  Are you holding your hook the same way they do?  Does that feel alright?  If it doesn’t then try something else.

Also, be aware of which hand is your dominant hand.  Are you holding your hook in that hand?  Or are you using the other hand?  (Interesting note about myself:  I’m a lefty with a pencil, but cannot for the life of me crochet left-handed.)  If you are a lefty and want to crochet right handed because most of the instructions are for right handed people, this is a good time to start training your muscles.  Yeah, it will be incredibly awkward in the beginning.  But persevere if that is what you really want.  Of course if are right handed and want to crochet left handed the same applies to you.

Two Ways to Hold a Crochet Hook

There are two ways to hold a crochet hook:

Like you are writing with a pencil

Pencil method
Holding your crochet hook like a pencil

Like you are cutting  something on your plate with a knife

Knife method
Holding your crochet hook like a knife

Either way is correct and only depends on what is more comfortable for you.

I hold my crochet hook like a knife.  I’ve tried the pencil method, but find that my wrist “clicks”.  It’s more annoying than painful and I could probably fix the clicking with some practice.

I told you we were going to be going really slow with this Beginner Crochet Series.  But I want you to have a solid grasp of the basics.  The last thing I want is for you to get frustrated by jumping ahead too quickly.  Trying to do something you are not ready for is bound to make you give up before you realize what a joy crocheting is.  I want you to have a good foundation.

Do you have any questions?  Did you find out that you are ambidextrous?  Let me know in the comments below.  I’m here to help you because I want you to have fun with crochet.

Have an excellent day!

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