Why I’m not a Yarn Snob

Red Heart Super Saver and Handspun Yarn
Does this trigger the Yarn Snob in you? It shouldn’t.

Here is my yarn story for today’s Misc. Monday:  Once upon a time and for a fleeting moment shortly after I began spinning, I felt my soul being drawn towards a certain negative force.  It felt so wrong.  It’s just not who I am.  However, I couldn’t fight it.  I was being drawn into the depths of yarn hell!.  Then, like the protagonist in a shape-shifting monster anime, I resisted that negativity and regained myself.  Ahhh….  Zen….

What was this horrible force drawing me into the void, you may ask.  It was the awful enemy, “The Yarn Snob”.  It looks down on Red Heart Super Saver.  It scoffs at Lion Brand Pound of Love.  It sneers at Caron Simply Soft.  It also considers certain other yarns (depending on its branch of yarn religion) less than dirt.  It’s a horrible enemy that must be quashed!.  It must be annihilated!

Okay, this quiet little mouse needs to get off the soap box and mingle with the masses to show them the error of their ways.  It’s a bit uncomfortable for me.  I don’t like undue attention, preferring to sit quietly and minding my own business.

Yarns and Their Uses

To the average, non-fiber person yarn is yarn.  You make sweaters and scarves with it.  They have no concept of what makes yarn because they are not interested.  That’s fair enough.  I have little interest in fishing line because I have no interest in fishing.

On the other hand there are folks out there that swear by this or that yarn made of something or another fiber.  Fair enough to them as well.  However, they should not dismiss the yarns that others are using.  A senior citizen on a tight budget who loves to make charity items may not be able to afford more than an inexpensive department store yarn.  And that is fine.

Red Heart Super Saver and a 2017 CAL
The Bernat Blanket Stitch Along done with Red Heart Super Saver because I really wanted to try out the CAL.

Each yarn has its intended use, but it’s perfectly fine to experiment.  Just be aware of what you want as your project’s  final outcome.  It may not be as you imagined.  Don’t expect a flowing shawl from clothes line.  And that acrylic is not very likely to felt.  You must remain reasonable in your yarn choices.  So have fun experimenting, but do not under any circumstances and for the love of the yarn gods use a handspun yak silk yarn to make a dishcloth you plan to actually use!  It’s bound to end in disaster with many tears shed.

Having a Favorite Yarn Is Just Fine Just Don’t be a Yarn Snob

We all have our favorites:  favorite flavor of ice cream, favorite rabbit, favorite comfort food, and of course favorite yarn.  I have a few yarns that I just adore:  Scheepjes Whirl, Lion Brand Mandala, Sensations Angel Hair, and a skein of super squishy rainbow dyed Suffolk that I spun.

It’s perfectly fine to have a favorite.  The problem comes from denying that others are entitled to their own opinions.  Really, that senior citizen would love to buy an expensive skein of yarn, but she has to consider that the money really needs to go into something more practical.

A yarn Snob's Ultimate Trigger
Red Heart Super Saver and Alpaca and Silk Handspun Yarn, the Ultimate Yarn Snob Trigger

Have you ever fallen into The Yarn Snob’s clutches?  Did you recover?  Or you hopelessly entangled in its snare?  Let me know in the comments below.  I may have to set up a support group.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters


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