WIP Tuesday – Crochet Tea Cakes Shawl

Tea Cakes Shawl
Close up of the stitch work on the Tea Cakes Shawl

Today’s WIP Tuesday project is the Tea Cakes Shawl designed by Mikey of The Crochet Crowd.  I have a confession.  This pattern really confused me at first.  It drove me bonkers!  I almost gave up.  Grasping the concept was almost beyond my comprehension.  Or so I thought.  Then I realized I was reading between the lines and making it harder than it actually was.  Do the pattern just as it is written, silly.  (*face palm)  Duh!

My Favorite Stitch

This pattern uses my favorite go-to stitch:  the corner-to-corner.  If I need a quick project, I grab some cotton and make dish cloths.  I’ve also made scarves and cowls.  I have done many variations of the corner-to-corner stitch in the last few years.  The Fortune’s Shawlette pattern by moogly created a gorgeous, summertime piece in long color changes from peach to burnt orange.

This stitch creates an unusual tooth-like edging on triangle projects that can be smoothed in the final row if I want.  Whether or not I put his border on my shawls depends on how much yarn I have left.

The Pattern

Twelve double crochet ring
Close up of the unusual beginning of the Tea Cakes Shawl

The circle created using 12 double crochets in the 3-chain ring is unusual and gives the shawl a unique beginning.  If I didn’t know any better, I would think that the pattern was actually going to be done in the round.

The shawl’s spine is not symmetrical, but that adds to it’s unusual design.  If you crochet this shawl, pay attention to this part.  It’s easy to loose track of what you are doing until you are more familiar with it.

You also need to pay attention to the edges.  But once you realize that they are variations of the main stitch (chain three – two double crochets in the chain three space), they should be easy to remember.

The Yarn

Lion Brand Mandala in Sphinx
I used the Sphinx colorway of the Lion Brand Mandala for this shawl.

Once again, I chose Lion Brand’s Mandala yarn for the Tea Cakes Shawl.  This time I am using the Sphinx colorway.  It’s more of a “pond in the middle of the forest” type color if you ask me.  But as I am such an earthy person, I really like the way the colors come together.

I should have finished this shawl a long time ago.  It’s a fun pattern.  I just lost interest for a short time because the sides are getting longer and longer.  It feels as though I will never get to the end.  I need to work on it a few more days and it will be complete.  Just maybe not today…

Have you given this pattern a try?  Or did you get frustrated like me?  It’s not Mikey’s fault I wasn’t paying attention to the pattern.  If you did get frustrated, why not try it  again?  Let me know in the comments below what you think of the Tea Cakes Shawl.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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