WIP Tuesday – Using Some of My First Handspun Yarn

Today's WIP
A Granny Stitch Cowl with some of my first handspun yarns

Today’s WIP is a combo project using some of the handspun yarn I spindle spun in the beginning of my spinning adventures.  (Is you head spinning yet from that sentence?  Mine is.  LOL)  The yarn has been sitting in a box at the foot of my bed for over a year.  As the spring cleaning bug continues in my home, I decided to wind the skeins into balls so I was sure to use them.

With the sparkle and green that I plied with gray, I didn’t want a fancy stitch lost in the colors.  When I thought about it, the Granny Stitch seemed like the best option.  Quick and easy was the way to go because I really want this project done.  I don’t want it to sit around for ages.

The first pattern I tried was I Heart Granny Cowl by Quadshotyarn.  I finished round four and realized that even though I tried really hard, the chain had twisted twice.  Grrr….  I frogged it and put the pattern in My Favorites on Ravelry to try with another yarn.

The Pattern

The Cowl So Far
This is the cowl after the second ball of handspun yarn.

I ended up choosing to do a variation of the Blue Beach Chunky Cowl by Joanita Theron.  The basic pattern will be the same, but I want to try my hardest to add a nice edging when I get to the last ball of yarn.  The recommended yarn is chunky, but my handspun goes from a heavy worsted to a DK since I was nowhere near consistent in the beginning.  I also have more than the 145 yards that the pattern calls for so I know my cowl will probably not be the same size.

The pattern is easy and crochets up quick which is nice for something I want to finish before we all get old.  After the initial two row set up, you just repeat row 3 until you feel that the cowl is as big as you want.

The Yarn

Romney and Merino Yarn
Four of the six balls from one of my first spindle spun yarns

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, this was fiber that I spun on my spindle when I first began to spin.  (Yikes!  Yet another spinning sentence!)  Needless to say, the actual spinning wasn’t that great.  It’s under-plied in so many areas and the thin bits feel more like dental floss that yarn.  However, I do see improvement as I went along so all is not lost.  It was good practice.

The fiber itself is a combination of a Romney Hogget art batt with a gray and black Merino and Tencel roving.  It was an unlikely marriage of fibers, but I was more interested in the color than the feel.  I ended up with a total of 381 yards so I am hopeful that there will be enough yarn for the cowl and and an edging.

Have you done anything with your first few batches of handspun yarn?  Are they in your home museum or have you hidden them away?  Let me know in the comments below.  I really want to know what you did with your first few skeins of handspun yarn.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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