What’s on My Bobbin? – Spinning a Wintry Batt

Sunlight in the Snow batt
The sunlight reflecting off the snowy batt

In honor of the snow that fell yesterday, I spun a wintry batt that is reflecting today’s melting snow.  The sparkle nestled in the white Romney looks like the sunlight on the snow this morning.  It’s amazing how the dreariness of yesterday’s storm evolved into something so beautiful today.  The snow is continuing to fall, but this time it’s the sun melting the snow on the tree branches.

Today is the day after the fourth Nor’easter (and hopefully the last) of the past several weeks.  It was rather sad that the snowflakes weren’t as impressive as the last storm.  They were tiny but every little bit added up to 10 1/4 inches on my deck.  I’m going to need to shovel all by myself since the bun sisters are on strike.  They claim it’s not in their contract.

The Fiber

Romney is one of the fibers most spinners are encouraged to learn with.  It’s sticky and doesn’t slip through your fingers like smoother fibers.  When processed correctly it can feel quite lovely.

To say that there is a bit of sparkle in this batt is a big understatement.  If anything there is too much sparkle as evidenced by the pile I pulled off my pants when I was done.  The remnants are going to haunt me for weeks.

The Wintry Batt Spin

Romney wool is fairly easy to spin and I don’t mind doing it once in a while when I feel I need a spinning refresher.  It only took a few hours to spin up 2 ounces as I watched the snow falling just outside my window yesterday.  I was aiming to match the yarn weight of the first skein I did several months ago and I believe I succeeded.

As I intend this spin to remain singles, I will let the yarn rest for a bit before I skein it.  My plan is to add the last batt of this project to this bobbin before I consider the spin complete.  Then comes the fun process of fulling the fiber to get the yarn to relax.  I’m still not quite happy with my singles so the practice continues.

The Intended Project

I want to do a nice lace shawl with this yarn.  I have no particular pattern in my mind just yet. It may be that this yarn ends up in the sale bin before I do find the perfect shawl pattern.  I’ll keep you up to date on how it goes.

The shawl project so far
Here is what my shawl project looks like so far.

The first skein of this project was a combination of this white fiber and a darker gray batt with green sparkle, Romney, and Mohair.  I alternated colors by taking small handfuls of each batt as I went along.  For some silly reason I had originally thought I was going to do a two color fractal, but fractals don’t work that way.  Duh!  The final tally was a single ply yarn that came to 14 WPI (DK weight) and 506 yards.

Do you have any multiple part spins that you are doing?  How are they coming along?  If you have finished your spin, did you end up making your intended project or did something else happen to the yarn you spun?  Let me know in the comments below.  I would love to know.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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