Project Done! – Green & Gray Handspun Yarn Shawl

Shawl finished
Close up of the stitches of my spindle spun shawl

Finally!  A project done!  That green and gray spindle spun yarn I told you about last Tuesday has become a shawl.  I put the last stitch in yesterday morning.  Then I wove in the ends as my lunch simmered on the stove.  So it’s done and dusted!  Yippee!

Today, I will wash and block my shawl so the edge lays flat.  I ended up doing two rows of double crochets in each stitch to keep the shawl simple.  I think I’ll call this style “rustic and chic” as my spinning was rustically inconsistent while the bright green sparkle and smooth merino hints at chic.

Spindle spun shawl complete
The spindle spun yarn shawl with the two rows of double crochet for the edge

The shawl worked up quickly.  The granny stitch meant that I could crochet while watching some of my favorite gaming videos on You Tube.  I also used a 6.0 mm hook to further soften the way the shawl feels. The thin, overspun bits of yarn seemed to soften in the final product which surprised me.

Though the shawl is not large by any means, it wraps around my neck, keeping me warm.  I still find it amazing that I spun just over 20 yards more than a regular skein of an average manufactured yarn.  And on my spindle too!  For some reason that just blows my mind.

So what’s next for today?  After bunny litter pan cleaning, I’m thinking of pulling out Loki so I can work on the BFL fractal from several months ago.  I keep wanting to finish it, but I get distracted by other things that on the surface seem more important.

I’ve been on a modded Minecraft kick lately.  Minecraft is a popular video game where you mine and craft. 🙂  It’s more than that really.  It looks like a simple game with its blocky texture, but there is so much more than meets the eye.  In my own game I’ve been either fishing, farming, adventuring, or renovating the castle I found.  I’ll have to tell you more about that another time.

So what’s on your to do list today?  Do you have anything exciting planned or is it just another Monday?

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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