WIP Tuesday – Spring Cleaning the Spindle Spun Continues

Spindle spun springtime yarn
Springtime yarn I spun on my spindle last year

The yellow tulips just at the bottom of my steps are pushing through the cold, hard ground as I continue spring cleaning my spindle spun yarns.  Today’s project celebrates the spring season, though it seems to be late this year.  Six days ago I woke to 10 1/2 inches of snow on my deck and it’s still hanging around.  Is it too much to ask for warm, sunny days so I can sit outside with Loki and spin my heart out?

Anyway… Today’s WIP is a V-stitch cowl using Romney wool in spring green, raindrop blue, and sunny yellow with a few hints of orange and blue sparkle that I plied with creamy Falkland.  Once again I wanted to highlight the yarn so  I chose the V-stitch which is simple and lacy.  There isn’t enough yarn for a scarf, but there is enough for a small cowl.

Occasionally, as I crocheted the cowl I caught a glimpse of orange from the silk that was spattered into the original batt.  In the right light, I can also see a hint of blue sparkle.  I love the small stretches of yellow since it’s such a cheerful, spring-time color.

My current WIP for today
The cowl so far with the remaining yarn. I don’t know if I will have enough.

By the time you read this post, I imagine I will have either finished the cowl or frogged it.  I’m playing yarn chicken with this one.  But with only 191 yards, starting over won’t be too much of a heartbreak.  I’ll just have to do less chain stitches for take two.  Or I could do several more chain stitches and work this in the round.  Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Well, darn!  I think I need to start over anyway.  It just doesn’t look right to me.  The stitch work is fine, but the V-stitches lie on their sides and I’ll have to sew the beginning and end together to form the cowl.  Not all is lost since I will consider what I finished using the first skein as a swatch and make adjustments.

Have you ever had to “trash” a project because you ran out of yarn?  Was there any way to save it or did you just put the yarn away for another project?  I’m interested in knowing how you made out.  Let me know in the comments below.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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