The BFL Spin in Done!

The two-ply and the single
The two-ply and the single

Yesterday afternoon I finally finished the BFL spin.  It was such a pleasure to ply the yarn and put it on the niddy noddy.  As always, my spinning came out better than I thought it would.  When I spin the singles I imagine them as horrid pieces of rope.  I ask myself what ever possessed me to spin.  In my heart I know it’s low confidence and that I have come a long way from the pile of knots I first spun over a year ago.

The skein ended up being 262 yards and 12 WPI (light worsted to DK).  When I originally prepped the braid for spinning, I separated it for a fractal spin.  Of course, I ended up with extra for one ply which became 142 yards of a single.  I think I must unconsciously misjudge when I prep the fiber just so I have leftovers for singles.  Silly me!

The Color

The two ply
Aren’t these such lovely bright colors?

I chose the original braid for its yellow and orange colors because the shades are closely related happy colors.  While I was spinning the singles I was afraid that the natural and the black would make the final skein look dirty.  But it doesn’t.  Once plyed, I could see silver barber poled with the yellow and orange.  It really has turned into a lovely skein of yarn.

The Texture

Close up of the two-ply yarn
Close up of the two-ply yarn

Since I was expecting rough rope (I really must gain confidence 🙂 ) I was extremely surprised at how soft and squishy this yarn is, even before washing.  It’s well plyed and balance because I went out of my way to pay attention as I was doing it.  I have a bad habit of wanting to rush to the end so I can find another colorful fiber to spin.

The single is even softer than the plyed yarn and fulling it shouldn’t be too crazy. It’s energized, but not nuclear like some of the other singles I’ve done.  I’m doing much better than I think I am.

Now…  What shall my next spinning project be?  Oh yeah!  I still have to finish the sparkly green Romney single before all four of my bobbins are “clean”.

How are your spinning projects going?  Have you finished any this week?  Let me know in the comments below.  I want to see what you are working on.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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