What’s on My Bobbin? – “Wishing for Spring” Merino Roving

Wishing for Spring Merino Roving
Wishing for Spring Merino Roving

Yesterday was a bit of a roller coaster around here.  If the wind wasn’t threatening to blow the roof off my home, I was dealing with what I can only conclude was a direct result of Mercury being in Retrograde.  All I could do to keep myself sane was to spin some new hand painted Merino roving.

Though by the end of the afternoon yesterday I threw in the towel. The wind was howling and my stress levels were threatening to turn perfectly good fiber into a tangled mess. I put Loki back in the kitchen and spent the rest of the evening watching Minecraft videos on You Tube. It was hard not to cheer up as I watched Mumbo Jumbo’s total fail in his latest video.

It doesn’t take much for my Mom and I to convince ourselves to do a little shopping.  I know it’s a bad habit, but she needed yarn for a project or two and I wasn’t going to give up a chance to look at colorful yarn.  The shop has a small selection of spinning and felting fiber so I gave it a look-see.  Somehow this bag of hand painted merino roving attached itself to my fingers and wouldn’t let go. 🙂  Sometimes that’s the way these things work and you come home with all sorts of things like fiber and cute puppies.

The Colors

Wishing for Spring Merino Roving
Wishing for Spring Merino Roving – some of the fiber nests waiting to be spun

With bright yellow popping out of the deep shades of purple, blue, and green, this merino roving is proving to be a bright spot in an otherwise depressing April.  It doesn’t have an official name so I am giving it one.  “Wishing for Spring” seems appropriate given the weather and everything else that’s going on.  I really want spring and it is being one stubborn season.  Maybe someone insulted it.  Who knows.  The colors in this roving should help keep my spirits up.

The Spin So Far

Wishing for Spring Merino Roving
Part of the first ply of “Wishing for Spring” Merino Roving

I separated the roving lengthwise several times so I can spin this as a fractal which is my favorite way to spin colors.  I’ve spun less than half of the first ply, and it’s proving to be a pleasure to spin.  If all goes well, I’m planning to continue this afternoon and I hope to finish sometime this weekend.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how the yarn looks.

Do you have any spring-colored fiber lying around?  If this month’s weather is making you feel down in the dumps, maybe you should pull it out to spin.  Bright colors are certainly more cheerful than the dull grays that are hanging out the window these days.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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