WIP Tuesday – What’s Next for the “Frog”?

What was once frogged...
What was once frogged…

Remember my post from last Tuesday about me frogging a sweater I knew I was never going to finish?  Oh, what a stir it caused!  I’m still laughing about the insanity!  But now I have to get back to work with the remnants of that stupid sweater.  It was an ugly frog that needs to become a handsome prince.  What shall it become?

Perhaps I should just chuck the whole lot and give it to charity.  The problem is that I am very stubborn when it comes to problems that need solving.  I will work on them far longer than I should.  And I’m afraid that this is the long road I will travel with this frogged yarn.

Several months ago, a friend did a show and tell with a shawl she had just finished knitting.  I’m not sure if it was the thickness of the stitches or the cables that ran along one side, but I fell in love with it.  There is something so warming about a big shawl that makes me think of a good novel, a warm cup of tea, and a toasty fireplace.

Double crochet sample
Double crochet sample

However, I choose not to knit.  Crochet is my specialty.  So I am going to do a very loose rendition of this shawl using an asymmetrical pattern with either single or half-double crochets for the main body and some sort of a cable type design on the “top”.

Hmmm…   I wonder if a moss stitch would work for this too.  Though this stitch works very well with multiple colors, perhaps it would work for this single color yarn.  The possible stitch choices are endless.

I tried a very small, 5-row sample of double crochets and it’s not the look I’m trying to achieve.  Also, using a beginning circle of chain 3 that is slipped together was too bulky.

Moss stitch attempt
Moss stitch attempt – much better

Attempt #2 was the moss stitch with several adjustments to accommodate the chain one space of this stitch.  I changed the beginning chain 3 circle to a magic ring and the results are much better.  This is a vast improvement and with a bit more tweaking, this should make a nice stitch pattern for the shawl.

My current plan is to stick with this adaption of the moss stitch and once the main body of the shawl is done, I will start hunting for a cable pattern to place along the edge.  Wish me luck. 🙂

If a project has gotten you down in the dumps, remember that you can frog it and start over with a different pattern.  Crochet is about your own creativity too.

Have you ever taken the bold move to adapt a knitting pattern for crochet?  Let me know in the comments below.  I’d love to hear from you.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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