WIP Tuesday – The Adirondack Wrap

Adirondack Wrap by OneDogWoof
Close up of the stitches of my Adirondack Wrap by OneDogWoof

I came across The Adirondack Wrap by OneDogWoof designs a bit over a month ago when someone posted a link to the pattern on Facebook.  It wasn’t hard to fall in love with this wrap.  The geometry of three triangles sewn together to create one big rectangle caught my eye.  When I saw that it used Lion Brand Mandala, I knew I had to put it on my hook.  This is what I chose to worked on today at the library.

Tuesdays spent with the Knitting Social gals is always busy.  After a few hours at the library, some of us go out for lunch afterward.  The temperature started out just fine when I left the house and I only wore a hooded sweatshirt over my t-shirt.  By the time lunch came it was bitter cold once more.  I kept wishing I was a faster crocheter because I could have really used this wrap to keep the chill off me.

The Adirondack Wrap Pattern Review

Reading the pattern seemed a bit confusing at first because it’s not written like a traditional pattern.  However, once I realized what stitches were repeated and where they repeated it made sense.  This also taught me that I really need to slow down and read the pattern through before I pick up my hook.  I’m just too impatient so I start and sometimes I get myself into trouble (queue the sounds of frogs…).

The three cake I chose from Lion Brand Mandala
The three cake I chose from Lion Brand Mandala in the color Centaur

The stitches themselves are simple and use the double crochet in various ways.  I will admit that when I saw the cross stitch I almost changed it to something else.  That second double crochet had put my wrists into pretzels in the past.  Now I realize that I don’t have to twist my hook  and spend way too much time trying to get it through the top.  You just have to insert your hook into the second stitch, yarn over, and then pull it through like you always do.  Easy peasy.

Though my wrap is only at row 16 of the first triangle, I can tell that this will go quickly and will be a good project to work on while watching my favorite You Tubers or enjoying time with the other Knitting Social gals.

Have you recently come across a pattern that you really want to put on your hook?  What do you really like about it?  Let me know in the comments below.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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