Spring has Finally Sprung

The four skeins finished
These are the four skeins I finished recently.

It’s wonderful that spring has finally decided to show herself.  I wonder what happened to her.  Someone must have insulted her pretty bad for her to wait this long to come out.  I’m glad she’s finally back because the weather this weekend was wonderful.  I had all the windows in my home open, letting in the fresh air.

My lilac bush is starting to sprout leaves and I can’t wait to smell its flowers’ fragrance.  The jury is still out as to whether or not the sage and lavender made it through the harsh winter.  It’s not looking so good for them at this moment.  I still need to plant the willows I got in late February, but they should take easily so I can cut sticks for the bun sisters to enjoy.

Yuki, the pre-birthday girl
Yuki, the pre-birthday girl

Speaking of the bun sisters…  They are beginning to feel the beautiful weather and are up to their old antics once again.  This old bird is once again calling from my perch at my computer desk.  “What are you doing?  What are you doing?”

Speaking of… Somebunny has a birthday tomorrow.  Yuki is going to be four years old.  It seems like only yesterday she was plopped onto my desk at my old job, a little dirty snowball scared of her own shadow.  Well….  She still is.  Anyway, “Happy Birthday, Yuki!”

Fiber, Fiber, Everywhere!

Some of the fiber I dyed this past weekend
Some of the fiber I dyed this past weekend

There was much ado about fiber this past weekend in my home.  I finished skeining my winter batt, the dark rainbow gradient I dyed a few weeks ago, and the itty bit of a single from the purple part of the Gothic Macabre roving.  All three are washed and dried, sitting next to me so I can admire them.

Lovely jewel tones
The lovely jewel tones I accidentally dyed this past weekend. I had so much fun!

On Sunday I hung up my latest batch of dyed fiber on the deck along with the week’s laundry.  Dyeing is still new to me and I really like the way the colors are coming out, even if they are no where near what I originally imagined.  I especially like the American Cheviot that was supposed to be a bright rainbow, but ended up as a deep jewel tone because there was way too much dye on the painted fiber.  Oh well…  You live and learn.

Sunday afternoon was spent spinning “Embers” by Fuzzyfrog Fibers.  It’s a Suffolk braid I purchased last year at New Jersey Sheep and Wool.  I like the deep orange to red that is combined with brown and dark gray that really does remind me of hot embers from a fire.  I split it for a fractal spin and I can’t wait to see the end result.

Time Alone

This was a fantastic weekend for me since it was pretty much me, myself, and the two bun sisters.  I’m a loner at heart, preferring my own company on most occasions.  No, don’t feel sorry for me.  This is who I am and I am perfectly happy this way.  Yeah, sometimes it would be nice for someone else to take out the trash.  However, I like the solitude.  It gives me time to let my creative juices flow.

How was your weekend?  Did you do something fun in the sun?  Or are you still hiding, thinking winter will never go away?  Let me know in the comment below.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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