What’s on My Bobbin? – Embers from a Summer Campfire

Embers by Fuzzyfrog Fibers
Embers by Fuzzyfrog Fibers

Today’s “What’s on My Bobbin?” is the Embers colorway from Fuzzyfrog Fibers.  I picked up this braid last September when I went to New Jersey Sheep and Wool.  This is one of several braids, mostly named after locations in Middle Earth, that I was drawn to.  Choosing something to spin this week was a challenge because I wanted to spin everything in my stash.  I ended up blindly reaching into the box and spinning what came out.  It turns out that this was a good choice.

The Colors

Embers by Fuzzyfrog Fibers
Embers by Fuzzyfrog Fibers – The first ply with part of the remaining fiber for the second ply

The bright red and orange contrast with the light and dark gray of the ashes you will find as in a still-hot, but dyeing summer campfire.  I see the brown as the transition from the high heat to the cool remains.  Or perhaps it is the remaining memory of the chocolate goodness from the S’mores that were roasted when the fire was still raging.  The marshmallows were long ago burnt to pitch black and are hidden under the ashes.

The Fiber

This roving is from 100% Suffolk sheep.  Though this breed is primarily used for its meat, the fiber spins up well and shouldn’t be discounted.  This is a good article to read when considering spinning fiber from a Suffolk sheep.

I like the way the fiber becomes squishy once the skein has been set.  After I set the first skein of Suffolk I spun (also from Fuzzyfrog Fibers) I kept picking it up to give it a good squeeze.  Okay, so I can be a bit silly. 🙂

The Spin

The first ply of Embers by Fuzzyfrog Fibers
The first ply of Embers by Fuzzyfrog Fibers

The Embers braid was 4 ounces of fiber.  I split it in half lengthways for the two plies.  The first ply was split once again so I can make two skeins but keep it on one bobbin.  For the second ply, I split the remainder into four sections.  The fiber is difficult to separate further so I can’t spin this as a true fractal.

The colors are fun to spin and I especially like the red and oranges.  There was a tiny bit of VM, but it was easy to remove.  The first ply is quite thin, but it will poof out once set so I imagine this will be a light worsted when finished.

I still have the second ply to spin before combining the two.  Perhaps once the garden chores are complete, I’ll spend the afternoon spinning.  Then I will let the two plies rest until I put them together sometime this weekend.

Depending on the final outcome, I may keep this yarn so I can make a scarf.  Perhaps I might do another Sequin Diva cowl since it was such a fun crochet project.  Or I might just add this to the sales bin for someone else to enjoy.

What’s on your bobbin today?  Are you finding the colors interesting?  Is it an easy spin?  Let me know in the comments below so we can share our projects.

Have an excellent day!

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