More Than One Way to do Crafting

The two skeins of the Embers spin
The two skeins of the Embers spin

As with most of my weekends, I spent it crafting.  Do you realize that there is more than one way to craft?  Yes, I was creating tangible items when I spun the Embers roving into yarn.  But I also did some virtual crafting when I made iron ore into iron pick axes in Minecraft.  I find both of these types of crafting enjoyable for their own distinct reasons.

Minecraft is fun because there is so much I can do.  I can terraform the land so I can build a small house until I gather enough resources to make something more grand.  Spinning is fun because I take fiber and turn it into yarn that can be further crafted into a hat or scarf.

Never discount what someone is crafting.  The image on the PC monitor might represent several long hours of a person’s time just like that project you are working on.  It’s just a different medium that they are using.  You are using yarn.  They are using pixels.

The Embers Spin is Done!

The Embers spin took a little bit longer than I anticipated because I ran out of time.  Somehow there seemed to be more days until the weekend when I first made my ETA calculations.  I still finished the second skein Sunday morning so they could hang out with the weekly laundry.

The three Embers skeins
You can see how different the two skeins are. The one on the bobbin has more similar colors plyed together while the first skein has more barber poling.

The two skeins could not have ended up differently.  The first skein I plyed Saturday evening came out as I expected.  The different colors barber poled quite nicely and there was very little mixing of similar colors.  However, the second skein, even though I made sure I broke it where the two parts met, combines similar colors with less barber poling.  I will have to list these separately on Etsy since they are so different.

What isn’t different between the two skeins is how the fiber softened and poofed up once it was washed.  In my mind I was trying to devise a creative paragraph for the Etsy listing to explain how Suffolk isn’t next-to-skin soft and how it will still make a lovely hat.  It’s just another case of how the fiber I see and feel while I spin it isn’t the way it will be in the end.

Finally, there is the 32 yards of a single ply that remained once I was done.  Though I have not set this teeny skein, it is still quite soft.  I’ll be adding this to the bag with the other singles when it is washed for memories of what I have spun.

Minecraft – The Other Type of Crafting

Watching Minecraft videos keeps my mind busy while I spin and crochet.   I enjoy watching the progression from being plopped in the middle of an area with nothing but a fist for punching trees to a spectacular base with various bits of redstone tech to make the player’s life easier.

Minecraft house
Minecraft island house complete with dog. It’s not much, but it’s home 🙂

Once I finished my spinning for the weekend, I spent the remainder of the weekend playing Minecraft.  At first I spent a majority of the time on the server I set up for my Mom and me.  I landscaped and terraformed above ground.  Then I mined under our little deserted island looking for diamonds.  I didn’t find any, but I did have fun.

Then I played a modded pack called Nature’s Beauty by Welsknight.  After watching his Let’s Play videos I downloaded the pack.  My first world set my spawn in the middle of a deep lake and I almost drowned while waiting for it to generate.  My second world creation put me right next to a village where I moved right into the mill house.  I then got to work flattening the land and rescuing helpless villagers who didn’t seem to realize I was their hero.  Stupid villager!  😛

Ah well…  Back to the week ahead.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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