What’s on My Bobbin? – Some of My First Hand Painted Fiber

The Chocolate and Mint Spin
The Chocolate and Mint Spin

Several weeks ago I started making my own hand painted fiber.  After my heavy-handed first attempt at dyeing in a roasting pan, I figured I would have more control with this technique.  And I do indeed.  This is becoming an addictive part of working with fiber.  I try to block at least one day a week to have fun and make a heck of a mess.  This usually falls on Sundays so I can hang the fiber out with the week’s laundry.

Don’t expect me to be the next Bob Ross.  There won’t be any “happy little trees” on the fiber because that’s just not how this works.  Now, if I ever get into dyeing sock blanks, watch out!  That is something I would absolutely love to do.  However, it’s just a bit expensive so don’t expect secret messages or fun spirals any time soon.

I used leftover Falkland top I had lying around for this project.  It’s actually two projects since I split the top in half so I had two canvases to work with.

Chocolate and Mint

For the first half I used green and brown from Jacquard Acid Dyes so I wouldn’t have to mix any colors.  It’s great having this as an option since I’m very much a beginner with that particular skill.  Unlike my first dyeing attempt, this was quite light and not as green and brown as I pictured.  But it’s a learning process so I’m fine with the way the colors came out.

I split the top in half long ways and will let the colors come together as they were originally.  Presently, both plys  are on separate bobbins and I plan on putting them together once I’m finished writing this post.  I’ll show you the end result in Monday’s post so you will have something to look forward to.

Under the Big Top

Under the Big Top Spin
Under the Big Top Spin

Don’t ask me why I named this project after a circus tent.  Maybe it’s the bright yellow and red with a bit of leftover blue thrown in for good measure.  Yellow was my favorite color when I was a child and though I have moved on to green and orange, yellow is such a cheerful color.  I can only imagine that ogres and mean people dislike yellow.

I have spun half an ounce of this top so far.  Once I am done with the Chocolate and Mint this morning, I’ll continue to work on this one.  Like the first half of the top, I split this down the middle lengthways.  The first ply was split again so there wouldn’t be such a long streak of red.  I will split the second ply as much as I can for another fractal spin.  Then I will let it rest overnight before plying them tomorrow.

There is Still One More Hand Painted to Spin

The Very First Hand Painted Braid
The Very First Hand Painted Braid

Is it wrong to add the other hand painted project to this post if it’s not on a bobbin yet?  I don’t think so in this case.  This is my very first hand painted fiber project.  I want to spin it so I can show the Knitting Social girls next Tuesday.  They were really impressed with the way that it went from bright yellow to deep jewel tones and they want to see the finished skein of yarn.  Of course that would mean that I am done with the dyed fiber so I’ll just have to do more.  (See?  I have an ulterior motive.)

What have you been up to these days?  Do you dye the fiber you spin or do you purchase fiber that someone else has dyed?  Let me know in the comments below.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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