Planes, Outside Spinning, and Weekend Gaming

This past weekend was lovely.  Though the overcast skies threatened rain on Saturday, I took my spinning wheel onto the deck and spun my heart out.  I even managed to get a bit of a sunburn on my right arm before I put my umbrella into an old plant stand I had hanging on the railing.

Somebunny poked her whiskers outside
Somebunny poked her whiskers outside

Sunday was spent playing PC games because there was a threat of rain.  No doubt I would bang my spinning wheel against the door frame as I ran inside to avoid the raindrops.  The only thing I can do while gaming is run my tractor into a building as I hitch up a flatbed trailer or fall into a lava lake as I run across a field.

The Major Events

Power in the Pines was held this weekend.  I caught a quick glance the Heritage Flight which was quite cool.  One large plane circled over my home for quite awhile and must have been part of the Simulated Air Refueling.

The one plane that kept circling overhead
The one plane that kept circling overhead

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival was also going on this weekend.  Many of my spinning friends took the journey down to see the sheep …and buy a bit of fiber.  Looking at the crowds from the photos I’m glad I stayed home.  I don’t like large groups of people so being home with just the bun sisters made for the ideal weekend.  The only thing I missed was the opportunity to get more fiber to spin.

The Spinning

The last of the dyed fiber
The last of the dyed fiber. What do you think? Guess it’s alright after all.

I finished the last of the fiber I dyed and I could kick myself for not starting to spin the singles at the dark end so the yellow would be plyed together first.  However, all is not lost as there is enough left from one ply to make a small skein of lovely yellow for that future single project.

Last year I won first place at the Burlington County Farm Fair with a skein of yarn I spun from a rainbow top.  Though the yarn was spun well, I was not happy with how the colors became muddied.  On Saturday I split the remainder of the top so I can hopefully get more colors and less mud.  The first ply looks like I might achieve the rainbow, but I’ll split the rest even more to ensure that I do.

The first ply of the rainbow top
The first ply of the rainbow top

Sunday Gaming

With a better forecast for rain on Sunday, I chose to say indoors.  The bun sisters were not happy with this choice since they both decided that they finally wanted to venture outside.  Typical…

I spent most of Sunday morning looking for the perfect Minecraft world seed.  This was not easy since I just couldn’t find it.  One world had a huge island in the sky that made the game slow down to a crawl as streams of water taxed my computer’s graphics card.  I finally found a nice world with a small village that would serve my needs.

As the sun began to set outside in the real world, I switched gears to farming.  I began with Pure Farming 2018 where I followed the tutorial so I could familiarize myself with the new game update.  I stopped playing when my next task was plowing since I knew that would take time.  Then I went to Farming Simulator 2017 where I successfully found all 100 golden nuggets on the modded Oakfield map before I seeded a large field before going to bed.

How was your weekend?  Did you find something exciting to do or did you relax?  Let me know in the comments below..

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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