Starting the Hygge CAL

The colors that came with the Rainbow Hygge Kit
The colors that came with the Rainbow Hygge Kit

After moving the box around every day for over a year, I am going to start the Hygge CAL designed by Kirsten Ballering of Well… I’ll start it as soon as my internet comes back on. The internet pooped out just as I hit the enter key to get to Kirsten’s website. Go figure.

The Kit

I purchased the Hygge CAL kit from when it was first released. I chose the Rainbow Kit because I like how the black Scheepjes Stone Washed highlights the other colors. I know I talked last week about steeping out of the box in choosing colors for patterns, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Not only do I love Scheepjes yarn, I appreciate the designer’s choice of colors.

The goodie bag that came with the kit
The goodie bag that came with the kit

The kit came with some added goodies as well such as a little bag full of fun notions such as a heart-shaped stitch marker, a wooden Hygge button, a silver moose charm, and a wooden snowflake. They also included a darning needle which I consider a very nice touch.

There is enough yarn for the wrap so for the first time I will have to watch my gauge. Yuck! But it’s a necessary evil for something as special as this wrap.


Sophie's Universe 2017 Burlington County Farm Fair
Sophie’s Universe – 2017 Burlington County Farm Fair

As with most CAL’s there are several parts to this project. Depending on my available time, I’ll try to complete one part each week. I need to set a goal so I can ensure myself that I will indeed finish in a reasonable time frame. Perhaps I should set a goal to have this wrap completed so that I can enter it into the Burlington County Farm Fair’s crafting competition. I need something to top the Sophie’s Universe afghan I did last year.

Some Additional Ideas

Because I expect the reverse side of this wrap to look a bit messy with the cross stitch that will be added, I plan on sewing a nice piece of cotton fabric onto the back side. I’ll need to keep an eye out for matching fabric. Maybe I can actually take the plunge and tag along with my parents the next time they take a road trip to Lancaster County, PA.

Internet is Back Up So Here are Some Final Thoughts

There are fourteen parts to the Hygge CAL, but since this is so much smaller than the Sophie’s Universe, it should be fairly easy to finish in the two months prior to the Farm Fair. And…. Duh! It’s not a darning needle (darn it!). It’s a needle for the cross stitch! I can still use it as a darning needle since there is no law against using it.

Do you have any CAL’s you want to join? Have you done any in the past? If you have, let me know in the comments below.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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