What’s on My Bobbin? – Rainbow Wishes

The first ply with the some of the fiber
The first ply with the some of the fiber

Once again I am working with a particular Merino top to create a yarn I am calling “Rainbow Wishes”.  The first skein of yarn I spun using this fiber is called “Muddy Rainbow” since the colors mingled together into a muddied mess.

Last year I entered two skein of handspun yarn into the crafting competition at the Burlington County Farm Fair.  I was surprised when both did incredibly well, earning a first and second place.  Competing is not my thing, but I was proud of what I had accomplished in such a short time.

The first ply with the fiber and the skein that won first place
The first ply with the fiber and the skein that won first place. You can see the difference in the two spins.

The skein that won first place was made from 100% Merino wool top in a rainbow colorway.  Though I was disappointed that the color became muddied, the spinning was well done.  Of course, since then I have improved even more.  The second time working with this particular top looks much better than the first, both in my spinning and the color.

I spoke about starting this spin in Monday’s post.  Since then I have taken a few more hours each day to sit on the deck and work on it.  I should be able to finish the second ply this afternoon and start plying tomorrow.  I have high hopes that the yarn will be more blue than brown.

Making Rainbow Wishes Work

The key to not making this another muddy mess is to split the top lengthways so that there are no more than three colors competing for attention.  Blue is the predominant color with the occasional change to red or orange for a bit.

As I compare it to the other skein of yarn, I see that the first ply has dull blue tones.  I’m hoping that when it comes together with the second ply that has more dramatic color changes, the blue will pop out a tiny bit more.  I took even more care with the second ply to separate each color.  This is certainly a learning process.

The Fiber

The second ply
You can see the further separation of colors in the second ply.

This fiber is quite easy to spin, especially after the stickiness of the other fibers I have been spinning lately.  Each ply is thin and consistent.  I can split the fiber along the colors with only a few strands of the more blended colors coming along for the ride.

The Merino wool is nice and soft and a few times I almost thought I had broken the fiber.  But it was only because my fingertips became momentarily numb to the softness as my brain wandered totally off course.  The shocking thought that I might have spun too thin and broken the fiber brought me back to reality with a jolt.

What have you been spinning this week?  Are you trying something new with a fiber you have previously spun to create a different type of yarn?  Let me know in the comments below.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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