A Fiber Swap and Other Fun Stuff this Weekend

What a crazy weather weekend we had!  Saturday was rainy and cold then Sunday was hot and muggy.  I was so grateful that my crochet student gave me a cup of coffee when I came in for our lesson Saturday.  She even turned on the heater since we were both chilled to the bone with the dampness.

Sunday’s fiber swap was a bit nicer when the sun came out for a little bit.  It was so muggy though and the rain was not ready to give up as two showers passed as we spun.

Today’s weather is just about perfect with a few fluffy clouds and a nice breeze that is airing out the damp.  Hopefully, we have a few more days like today before summer hits with a bucket of humidity.

My First Fiber Swap

Some of the fiber from this weekend's fiber swap
Some of the fiber from this weekend’s fiber swap: Babydoll Southdown, brown alpaca, black Welsh Mountain, Suffolk, Kool-Aid dyed “Watermelon”, alpaca mixed roving, and American Silk

This weekend I participated in my first fiber swap.  Though I felt a little awkward at first, I came home with a nice variety of fiber.  I didn’t bring any of the black alpaca home which was a win.  It’s not that the black alpaca isn’t good.  I’m sure you understand that I would have felt bad bringing it home since I want other people to enjoy it as well.

There was a nice variety of fiber on the table and several mysteries. I’m looking forward to trying all of them and researching so I can get the full benefit before I spin . I will note the staple length and the fiber properties so the spin will match the fiber. This is educational and I love learning.

There is so much more to spinning than just treadling and drafting. You can’t just let the fiber tell you how it wants to be spun.

I’d like to take notes as I do my research. It’ll be my own little scientific experiment. I could pretend to have a thesis titled “Why Merino is the Softest Fiber” and then prove myself wrong. LOL

New Minecraft Mod

I tried a new Minecraft mod this weekend called “Life in the village”.  There are NPC’s that you can interact with and watch as they go about their day.  You can trade and do quests and if they like you enough they will build a house for you so you can become a resident.

My home base is in a nice Norman village near a wide river.  I set about landscaping and renovating the house that was built using blueprints that were in my inventory when I spawned.  There are a lot of biomes to explore which is great because, unlike in the real world, I tend to get bored being at home.

I would love to find a nice Japanese village to move to, but they seem to be extremely rare.  Maybe I’m not looking in the right place which begs the question, “Where could they be?”

On the “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” Front

Yuki - cuter than a stink bug
“I’m cuter than a stink bug!”

Mom and I hate stink bugs.  They are absolutely vile creatures that look like they came from some horrible acid planet.  She runs from them.  I, who am normally the nicest person you will ever meet, will go out of my way to tink them into a jar filled with soapy water so their bodies expand and they slowly die.  If I’m feeling especially evil I will give the jar a good shake as I chuckle like a villain in a cartoon.  Ehhh….  Ehhh…. Ehhh….

However, just now I was feeling rather compassionate.  So I tried to herd this cunning %*&@$ out the window.  He wasn’t having it.  Needless to say the screen ended up in the flowerbed outside and I almost went out the window with it.  The good news is that he is no longer inside.  The bad news is that it took m fifteen minutes to figure out how to get the screen back in.  %*&@$

Remind me again that being nice just isn’t worth the trouble.  Being evil is so much more satisfying.

So….  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything naughty?  Or were you well behaved?  Let me know so we can plan world domination.  …I mean so we can swap stories.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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