WIP Tuesday – Working on Part 2 of the Hygge CAL

In the middle of Part 2 of the Hygge CAL
In the middle of Part 2 of the Hygge CAL

As I continue on to part 2 of the Hygge CAL, I’m still not sure if it will be done in time for the Farm Fair.  The single crochets that make up a majority of the wrap are super easy and I could get through them in a week or two, even with numerous distractions.  I lack the confidence to do the cross stitch on a black surface.  It has been many years since I did any cross stitch work so I am hoping it will be much like riding a bicycle.

Finishing Part 1

Details of Part 1 of the Hygge CAL
Details of Part 1 of the Hygge CAL

For all my annoyance while working on the bobble stitch, I can safely say that I don’t have to worry about another bobble until the end of the wrap.  The bobbles pop out quite nicely.  There are a few, mostly on the end of the bobble row, that just refuse to pop out.  I don’t think I pulled the stitch tight enough.  Maybe I can use some thread later to help them along?  Maybe?

Working on Part 2 of the Hygge CAL

Stitch marker placement on Part 2 of the Hygge CA
Stitch marker placement on Part 2 of the Hygge CA

Part 2 of the Hygge CAL is coming along quite nicely.  I’m on the 15th row of 24 single crochets.  Other than the bobble row being slightly tighter, the two parts are close enough in consistency that a bit of blocking will even them out.

I put scrap yarn at the end of several rows so they will be be easier to identify.  Once I finish the separator rows, I will start on the cross stitch.  This will require very good lighting so I can see the single crochets.  I may even have to resort to removing my contact lenses so I can actually see the stitches.  (It sucks having poor distance vision.)

One of the women at the Knitting Social sometimes brings cross stitch with her.  I’m going to ask if she has some tips to help me over this hurdle.  I have done this before.  I can do it again. 🙂

A Few Words

What I have stated above in no way reflects the designer or the pattern.  This is entirely about me and how my lack of confidence is hindering my enjoyment of this CAL.  By all counts this is an easy pattern to follow.

Perhaps my biggest obstacle is being frustrated that the wrap doesn’t crochet itself while I do other fun things.  My mind is all over the place these days and it’s hard to find focus.  How do you force yourself to ignore the “candy” and eat the “vegetables”?  If you have any tips, let me know in the comments below.  I’d love to know how you deal with these things.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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