Working on a New Shawl Idea …or Not

The final color combination
The final color combination

There are two organza bags full of lovely yarn that have been sitting on my shelf for about a year. I made sure to get a nice rainbow selection when I placed the order.  Then I added several more skeins of a creamy white so I would have a neutral to place between each color.

Did I have a pattern in mind when I hit the “Place Order” button on the website?  Are you kidding?  I like to live dangerously.  Who cares about dye lots?  So what if I need 300 more skeins of the yellow?  Pah!  That’s for noobs!

Maybe you are asking if having two bags of yarn sitting on a shelf for a year bothered me in any way.  The answer is, “No”.  The colors are so wonderful that they became nick-knacks alongside my anime figurines.

Today I picked up the bags for some random reason and decided today was the day I was going to make a shawl with this yarn.  I don’t know what possessed me.  Maybe it was a planetary alignment or some sort.  Who knows.  It just happened.

Thinking of Color Combinations

I love these two colors together!
I love these two colors together!

I placed one ball of each color in front of me and jumbled them around as I tried to figure out which colors went with each other.  The turquoise and coral combination was the best since it reminded me of summertime at the beach.  The creamy white will represent the sand.  Very good.  Very good.

Then I put the yellow and green on the end and nodded happily.  I left the two variations of purple on the side since they really want to do their own thing.  They probably prefer the mountains.  Finally, I put down the light gray at the very end.  Is a storm rolling in?  Or is it just a ruse?  (Wow!  Boy did I have trouble finding the correct spelling of that word!  I might be dreadful to stinky bugs, but I guess I’m just a good person at heart.  Deceitful words are not in my vocabulary.)

In the end I removed the light gray.  It might return, but my beach scene is going to be happy.  Darn it!

Starting to Crochet the Shawl Idea

After spending the better part of the morning down the rabbit hole known as Ravelry, I picked up the recommended 3.5mm hook and the creamy white.

The beginning of the shawl
The beginning of the shawl

Starting with a Magic Circle, I crocheted a few rows of my asymmetrical shawl pattern.  It was fine, but I wasn’t happy with the gaps caused by the chain 3 that normally replaces a double crochet at the beginning of every row.  So I turned to the Internet Machine and found Moogly’s Chainless Standing Double Crochet.  After frogging a few times I changed to a slightly larger hook so the shawl will flow a bit better.  Then I got the hang of the chain 3 alternate and started crocheting in earnest.

After a little bit of time I put my work down and had a good think.  Hmmm…  Do you remember the post a little bit ago where I wanted to do a mostly white shawl with some blocks of color?  Guess what.  I had the yarn in front of me the entire time I was flipping through webpages looking for yarn to buy.  *face palm!

Let me tell you that my brain works in mysterious ways sometimes.  Though the biggest difference is that I was originally imaging that there was going to be blocks of gold suede, not beach colors.  So maybe I still need some other cream colored yarn.  But for now this will do just fine.

The Mystery Yarn?

I’ve been talking about this yarn and showing hints in the photos.  If you haven’t guessed already, it’s my favorite yarn:  Scheepjes Stone Washed.  The colors are:  Moonstone (801), Canada Jade (806), Yellow Jasper (809), and Coral (816).  Smokey Quartz (802) might make an appearance in the future.  Garnet (810) and Deep Amethyst (811) prefer to spent their summers in the mountains and I imagine they will return in time for winter.

Have you ever thought you needed to buy supplies for a project only to realize (hopefully, before buying said supplies) that they were right there in front of you?  Or did you hit that “Buy” button and end up with more than you needed?  I hope it all worked out in the end.  Let me know if I’m the only one that’s a little crazy like that.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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