What’s on My Bobbin? – Squeaky Spinning Wheel

Just after we discussed spinning wheel maintenance this past weekend, my opinionated wheel decided he has a few hundred things to say. A squeaky spinning wheel is not the most pleasant sound in the world.  It ranks up there with nails on a chalkboard.

I had plans for a nice Thursday spent spinning…

Well….  That was a fail for sure.  I tried to spin the alpaca rolags I made a few weeks ago.  What a bust!  Spinning straight alpaca is not my thing …yet.  It may never be my thing.  Or I may just be having a day wherer Loki should have stayed quietly in the kitchen.  And I mean quietly.   Grrr…

The Original Plan

Today’s post was supposed to be showing you the lovely black, green, and yellow alpaca.  I was looking forward to spending sometime outside on the deck spinning so I put up the umbrella to shield my face from the sun and moved the rocking chair underneath.  I then brought Loki and the fiber out onto the deck and sat down.  (Continued below…)

What Ended Up Happening

What little I did get spun
What little I did get spun

At first I was greeted by the fattest bee I have ever seen.  He seriously needs to go on a diet.  From the way he was buzzing around the deck railings and the chair, I suspect he was a Carpenter Bee so he wasn’t a threat.  I convinced him to try another spot and he left.

I sat down with Loki in front of me and started to spin.  All was quiet on the home front.  Even the coon dog that lives a few houses away was silent, thank goodness.  Then a cacophony of squeaks began to emanate from somewhere near my right foot.  Eeek!  Eeek!  Eek! (etc.)

Half an hour or so later found me examining my spinning wheel and trying to soothe the awful noise with a drop or two of oil here and there.  No luck.  Grrr….

The bad boy himself
The bad boy himself

It is definitely something treadling related.  When I put even a teeny bit of weight on the treadle the orchestra starts tuning their instruments once again.  I may have to take Loki to my Dad to check out.  He doesn’t know the first thing about spinning wheels, but he is more mechanically inclined than me.

An alternative is me taking the wheel off to finally paint the darn thing.  Either way there is a possibility I may be without a wheel for a few days.  Oh well…  Such is life.

Banished Norse God of Mischief

Before  sending him to spend the next few days in the kitchen under a pile of fiber as punishment, I’ll give Loki a few more hours to soak the oil into his joints.  Then I’ll give the treadle a few pumps before making my final judgement on his fate for this holiday weekend.  Will he be a good boy and turn alpaca into gold or will he be banished from home to spend the weekend in my parents’ garage?  The choice is up to him.  Dun…  Dun…  DUN!!!!….

To be continued….

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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