Working on the Garden This Holiday Weekend

"Supertunia" - Picasso in Blue
“Supertunia” – Picasso in Blue – I love the green edging!

It is the Memorial Day weekend here in the United States, the day that we honor the  brave men and women who gave their lives to keep us the land of the free.  It is also the unofficial start of summer when people gather in groups to eat hamburgers, hot dogs, and various “salads” while drinking an assortment of beverages.

What am I planning on doing today?  Well, I do things a bit differently.  Mom and I are planning a trip to Aldi after we grab lunch at our favorite sit-down Chinese restaurant.  Yeah, we’re weird, but it suits us.  Dad will probably do what he does best:  work around the house and yard, take a nap, and be grumpy.

Remember, no family is “normal”.

Visit to Nursery #1

Bunny greens in the backyard!
Bunny greens in the backyard! – from front to back: flat parsley, curly parsley, 2 types of nasturtium, celery, and romaine

Last Thursday Dad drove Mom and me to Good Earth Nursery to get a few plants for our gardens.  I picked up two varieties of heirloom tomatoes that I hope will actually do well this year.  It’s strange to think that they are so close and yet so far away.  If I could reach through the solid wall in the middle of the hallway, I would be able to touch them.  But they are so far away because I have to go out the front door and all the way around my house to get to the backyard.  The point is that they tend to become forgotten and I might get one or two tomatoes off the plants.

I did get a few other plants from Good Earth like peppers, marigolds, other flowers, and a few others.  No bunny greens, though, since they are now out of season.

Nursery #2

Potted plants? Or in the garden?
Potted plants? Or in the garden? – Corkscrew, variegated morning glory and flowering maple, with wishbone flower

Friday morning found me at Byrnes Farm Market, another local nursery.  I got the rest of the plants (and then some – of course) to fill in the missing gaps.  One bizarre plant, called a “Corkscrew Rush” (Juncus effusus), will be quite happy in my garden.  Did I mention I am not normal?  He’ll fit right in.

The petunias are already growing in the flower bed by the road among the herbs I am trying to bring back.  I’m hoping the itty bitty seedlings that are growing like mad underneath the echinacea are indeed their children.  The bunnies love the leaves and I might be able to save the flower heads for next year.

I love the white and green variegated morning glory!  The leaves are stunning.  So if it decides to take over the yard like all the other morning glory plants in the past, I won’t mind it one bit.

The black cotton
The black cotton – I’m looking forward to spinning a teeny bit of this

For the spinner in me I found a black cotton plant.  Hopefully, this will yield at least a little for me to try.  I should have gotten one or two more so I can claim I have a “field” of cotton.  Though I have crocheted dishcloths in store cotton, I have never spun it.

Byrnes still had a good selection of bunny greens so I got the normal romaine and colorful chard.  This year I am doubling up on the celery since it was such a bit hit, both for the buns and the humans.  Backyard celery is so much greener and tastier than the store-bought variety.  And no, once again Mom, there is not going to be a wedding.  Remember, we are not Amish.

The Rest of the Holiday Weekend

The petunias with the echinacea in the background
The petunias with the echinacea in the background

I still have a bunch of plants to put in the ground.  It would have been done by yesterday, but it decided to rain all darn day and planting in the rain is just no fun.

So what have you been up to this weekend?  Are you gardening, barbequing, spending time with family and friends, honoring the fallen?  Or are you just going to stay home and relax?  Let me know in the comments below.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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