Another Fiber-filled Weekend Full of Fun

The Family Collaboration
The Family Collaboration I showed off this weekend

Good grief!  Are there enough F’s in that title for you?  🙂  It truly was a fun fiber-filled weekend.  The anxiety I felt most of last week has subsided now that I am taking Monday to recover.  The blog should be back to normal with daily posts during the week.  I had to take a few days off for my own mental health.

The weather (I must be British) was doomy and gloomy, going from hot to cold with almost constant rain followed by humid days that made me melt like chocolate on the sidewalk.  It was a bad week if you wanted to remain cheerful.

Now the bun sisters have fresh hay to munch on while the washing machine beats my clothing into submission, a day later than normal due to the weekend activities.  Speaking of…

My Fiber-filled Weekend

Bunny dye pot approved marigolds
These are Bunny dye pot approved marigolds.

I met my spinning (and weaving) friends on Saturday where we did the year-end potluck and fashion show.  These ladies are such a talented bunch!  I didn’t see one project that made me want to nod and smile politely in fake appreciation.  Every project was beautiful and my enjoyment was genuine!

I showed off the collaboration handbag my family did a few months ago.  They enjoyed the story behind its creation and loved the detail that went into every aspect of the handbag.

Colorful Sunday

Can you guess the dyes?
Can you guess the dyes? These are the three skeins I dyed this past weekend. There is more to follow on Thursday.

I’ll write more about Sunday in this Thursday’s “What’s on My Bobbin” post since it deserves a full post.  But for now I will tell you that I had so much fun!  It has inspired me to try natural dyes which means more foraging.  I already love getting wild plants for the buns so looking for plants for the dye pot is going to make me rethink the outdoors yet again.  However, the only drawback is that I have been told that the dandelions and other bunny edibles are strictly for the bun sisters.  The threat that a certain anime plushie will be nibbled upon if I even think of using a bunny edible for the dye pot will certainly keep me in line.

How was your weekend?  Did you do something fun with fiber?  If not, what did you do?  I hope you enjoyed yourself, whatever it may have been.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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