WIP Tuesday – How Many WIP’s are too Many?

Game of the Day
Game of the Day – How Many WIP’s Can You See?

Can a crocheter ever have too many WIP’s?  Is it even possible?  I guess it is, especially if there are more WIP hours than hours in a person’s life.  But all the pretty patterns and yarns!  It’s a struggle to choose one over another.

Take for instance the Hygge CAL I am finally working on.  I had to have it when the kit first became available.  And though you couldn’t technically call it a WIP until I started making the 60 chains a few weeks ago, it sat on my bed for over a year.  For over said year I moved it from the bed to the stool every morning and the reverse every evening.

The Hygge CAL is one of three current WIP’s I am concentrating on.  The other two are the ones I talked about in last week’s post.  I’m on a Scheepjes kick, not only because I love the yarn, but because I am anxious to see them finished.  One is the easiest and will be done first.  Another, I have the pattern repeat memorized, but the amount of yardage is a bit daunting.  The third (Can you guess which it is?) is frightening in its perceived complexity.

The Others

Besides the Scheepjes Three, there are several WIP’s you have read about in my past posts.  The Cloudberry blanket, the Moss Stitch shawl, and the Adirondack Wrap are a few I have mentioned.  Then there are the ones that were supposed to be easy to finish, but ended up in a box for when “I’m in the mood”.  Or the few that were way to complicated for my skill level at the time, but I’m still afraid to pick them up.  There is even a bag full of plarn and a half-finished market bag that would take an afternoon or two to complete.

I won’t go on.  It’s too depressing.  Too many projects.  So little time in the day.

Sneaky Projects Want in on the Fun Too

Sneaky Modern Granny Shrug WIP
Sneaky Modern Granny Shrug WIP – The paper clip is a dead give away.
Sorry about the bad quality. Too lazy to do a “fancy” shot. LOL

Spinning and dyeing my own yarn has some drawbacks.  I really, really, really want to crochet a cowl with the four skeins I dyed this past week.  It would be so easy to spend an afternoon doing a corner-to-corner pattern.  But then do I really want a corner-to-corner cowl for this yarn?  Or do I want a fan pattern scarf?  Oh, Ravelry…!  (*smacks own hand “Bad me!  Work on what you need to work on.  Stop getting distracted!”)

See the problem?

So many ideas.  So little time.  Sigh…

What do I do now?  In this case, once this post is done, dusted, and published I will turn on YouTube and watch Minecraft videos while I crank out a few more rows on the Hygge CAL.  I’ve decided that I will tackle the cross stitch on a nice sunny, cooler day.  For now I will do single crochets until the cows come home, placing yarn to mark certain rows to help me with the cross stitch.  Otherwise, I will never get it done and it will be just another forgotten WIP.

Believe me.  The struggle is real.

So how many WIP’s do you have hiding in your home?  If you crochet (or knit for that matter), you can not tell me you only have one current WIP.  You are not a full-fledged crocheter (or knitter) with only one WIP.  And if you are a one WIP beginner, you just haven’t graduated to the next level yet.  Give it time and you’ll be in the same boat as the rest of us.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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