Minecraft Crochet Patterns – Two of My Favorite Things Meet

Minecraft crochet patterns?  Yes, please!  Whether it’s an iconic Creeper or an adorable cow, the thought of a finished Minecraft crochet project sitting on my bed makes me smile.

Minecraft’s pixilated graphics translate incredibly well into crochet stitches so it’s relatively easy to create one of your favorite characters.  You can even create one of the many blocks that make up the world around you.  Diamonds, anyone?  How about some grass blocks?  Dirt blocks?  The possibilities are as endless as the world seeds.

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I really enjoy playing Minecraft.  Sure, this is primarily a crochet and spinning blog, but my other interests pop in now and again, especially on my Misc. Monday posts.  When I can combine my interests, I tend to get really excited.

Some of the Best Minecraft Patterns on Ravelry

Perusing Ravelry for Minecraft crochet patterns is a great way to spend morning coffee time.  There weren’t as many patterns as I expected, but the ones that I did find made me giggle.  I really need a cuddly Enderman in my life about now.  A plushy Enderman shouldn’t kill me, right?

First up is the iconic Minecraft Dirt Block Cube by Minke van der Zee.  I mean, Minecraft is basically everything the title states.  You mine and you craft.  Now that I finally found a world I want to “live in” I am spending a ton of time smacking these little buggers in an attempt to landscape a village I am using as my home base.  Check out her other patterns like a cute Magma Cube and Slime and Minecraft Cake (ps:  It’s a Lie!)  <–Giggle!

Are you looking for something a bit more “tame”?  Then check out Amie Ward’s Minecraft Pig, Sheep, and Cow pattern.  They are so adorable!  They might even follow you home if you have a bunch of wheat or a carrot in your hand.

I normally hate the Minecraft Ghast!  Good grief!  The sounds they make are like a cat being tortured, especially if the Ghast has been injured!  Shudder!  So much worse than nails on a chalkboard if you ask me.  However, Rachel Hulett did a great job creating a pattern if you somehow like these horribly noisy creatures.  Me?  No thanks.

The Snow Golem by Weebleflp is another familiar character from the Minecraft world.  Nomally, he needs to be kept in a cold environment so he doesn’t melt.  However, this one should be fine for summer’s heat as long as you keep him away from an open flame.

The Loopy Stitch has a pattern for a Minecraft Blanket using small granny squares for the pixels that depict a Minecraft Steve holding a diamond sword.  This can be the starting point to design your own Minecraft blanket.

If you need to store your growing set of Minecraft crochet items, might I suggest Selena Lazarus’ Minecraft Chest?  You just need to keep in mind that the Australian double crochet is the US single crochet so you can make this chest correctly.  She also has a pattern for the Minecraft Minerals in their raw form.

Ever since I watched Team Canada playing the adventure map Terra Restore 2, I have developed a soft spot for Enderman.  Maybe they aren’t as bad as we are led to believe.  Perhaps they are only trying to survive like the rest of us in the harsh world of Minecraft.  Linda Potts has a cute Enderman Plush that dispels all the stereotypes.

Speaking of “bad” mobs, Katie Bobbitt has a Plushie Minecraft Enderman and Plushie Minecraft Creeper that look to be best buds.  I especially like the photo of an Enderman reading a book on the porch swing.  See?  They are not bad entities.  All he wants to do is read Shakespeare. 😉

But…  Wait!  There’s more!  OMG!!!  What can be better than crocheting a Customized Plushie Pattern of your own Minecraft character!?!?!?!  Your favorite YouTuber, that’s what!!!  Katie Bobbitt has instructions for making your favorite (or yourself) character!  Be still my heart!  VintageBeef, EthosLab, and PauseUnpause as plushies!  Even a MumboJumbo!  Cuteness overload!!

I’ll calm down now…  Maybe…

I hope you enjoyed this post because I certainly did.  Need… to finish… other WIP’s.. before starting… Minecraft crochet patterns.  Must…  must….  resist…  the…  temptation….


Have an excellent day!

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