Misc. Monday – Bunny Molt 3.5

Not a chicken
“Go ahead. Try to pluck me like a chicken. I dare you.” Or a rabbit that’s not going to take kindly to having her fur stolen right off her body.

Bunny Molt 3.5 has begun in earnest and I’m struggling to keep up with the flying fur.  It rained yesterday and into last night so everything is pretty wet this morning.  While this saves me from watering the plants in the yard, trying to keep the bunny fuzz under control is another matter. After brushing off the shelf the bun sisters like to sit on, the black cotton plant has white bits on it from somebunny’s cotton bottom.

I’m feeling an uncontrollable urge to pluck some bunnies. Yuki looks like she’s wearing a saddle with a clear line between old and new fur. “And your face!  What happened to your face?  It looks like your mask is coming off. ” I’m sure she’ll try to run off the moment I grab the bunny fur paper bag. (“Do I look like a chicken?”)

The bunny fuzz is getting into my eyes since I made the mistake of cleaning the bunny cage this morning. I call it a mistake only because it disturbed the fur that had settled. Otherwise, the bun sisters have fresh hay, a clean shelf, and clear drinking water. Well, the water was clean until Yuki took her morning sponge bath a few minutes ago. She is one strange rabbit.

Clean chelf
Look, Ma! A clean shelf!

I was so pleased that the shelf was free of fur and poop after I cleaned it that I took a picture.  Yeah, I know I’m crazy, but give it a few more hours and I’ll be walking around with the dust pan.  Poop somehow miraculously appears on that darn shelf just as quickly as the white fur weaves itself into the carpet fibers.

The reason I call the carpet covered wood panel a shelf is because originally it was the shelf in the bun sisters’ cage.  I dismantled the cage so Old Lady Mokona (“Shut up, woman!  I’m not old!”) wouldn’t fall off and hurt herself.  It works well to keep the litter pan in place as well as preventing the buns from nibbling on the tarp underneath.

You have to be innovative when you live with rabbits.  Bricks work well as an alternative to wood pieces that will inevitably be nibbled upon.  Wire mesh over a tarp pinned to the wall prevents the wall and a possible electrical outlet from becoming victims.

Sigh!  Mokona is the ultimate lazy rabbit!  Yuki is sitting in the pan as she nibbles on the timothy hay.  Meanwhile, Mokona is sitting on the shelf, stretching her neck over the edge to find stalks that are easy to get.  She’s not in any pain because a few minutes later she jumped in when a particularly delicious bit was out of her reach.

Bunny nap about to begin
Bunny nap about to begin

One of these days, I’ll actually try to spin their fur.  It’s not really long enough to spin on its own so I’ll probably blend it with some merino.  The yarn will be a treasure piece and not something I would ever consider selling.  The bun sisters aren’t Angora rabbits so their fur’s staple length is quite short.

Oh good.  It looks like the hay buffet is over for the moment and the late morning napping has begun.  Now I can settle myself and start the next set of single crochet rows for the Hygge CAL.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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