Finding the Right Pattern for the Yarn You Have

One and a half cakes of Whirl
One and a half cakes of Whirl – lots of yarn to play with

Finding the right pattern for the one and a half cakes of Scheepjes Whirl I have just been given is going to test my resolve.  Recently, my mom bought some yarn from a website and asked if I wanted some of the Whirl since it was on sale.  Who am I to pass up an opportunity like that?  As an added bonus she threw in the remaining half of a cake she had gotten several months ago.  Double win, especially since they are the same colorway (Green Tea Tipple)!

It isn’t a surprise that the cakes are from different lots.  No problem.  The grand idea in the back of my mind uses two cakes that start from different ends.  Or they could be two different colorways.  It doesn’t really matter for the vague ideas running through my mind.

I really like the Scheepjes pattern Crochet Between the Lines.  It’s specifically designed for what I have in mind.  But because it has been done by so many others I just don’t want to follow the same train.  I want something just a little bit different.  I like the idea of the colors with one in the foreground and the other in the background, especially if the stitches are textured.

However, this is just a momentary distraction since the Hygge CAL needs to be done and dusted first.  No other project is allowed anywhere near my hooks.  There is plenty of time to find the perfect pattern for this yarn.

Problem #1

One full cake of Whirl
One full cake of Whirl

Since there is one and a half cakes, I have a ton of yarn to play with.  Each cake is over 1000 yards so I must have about 1500 yards in total.  That is a lot of yarn!

But what do I make with all the lovely Whirl?  Step in problem #1.  Do I do a small afghan?  Do I do a shawl or a wrap?  I could even possibly do a summer top since it’s a cotton/acrylic blend.  Ooo….  I like that last idea.  Even a longish kimono-type with bell-shaped sleeves.  The possibilities are endless.  See my problem?

Problem #2

One half cake of Whirl
One half cake of Whirl – I needed to rewind the ball to see what was missing.

Though the above problem was in the back of my mind this morning as I perused my crochet stitch books and then Ravelry, I found that the stitch I want to use doesn’t seem to have been invented yet.  Or at least it has avoided Google’s SEO which is frustrating.  (Side note to Google:  If I type “crochet” into the search bar, I do NO want knitting anywhere near the results.  Nor do I want to see the bane of my existence – AKA:  Pintrest – among the suggested websites.  Thank you.)


Since I promised myself that I won’t even think of starting anything with this yarn until I’m done with the Hygge CAL, I have plenty of time for a genius to design the perfect pattern that will miraculously appear at the top of the Ravelry search.  Okay…  I’m living in a dreamworld.  But I can dream, can’t I?

There is also the possibility that I’ll come across the perfect pattern as I look for something else.  That tends to be the case in my life.  I just hope I have the forethought to bookmark it so I can find it later.

I know that this is a first world crochet problem, but the struggle is real.  Believe me.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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