Misc. Monday – Fine Weekend for Dyeing

It was a fine weekend for dyeing
It was a fine weekend for dyeing

The weather finally decided to get with the program so it was a fine weekend for dyeing fiber and yarn.  I have been itching to pull out the colors for weeks, maybe months.  However, it has rained more days than not so trying to get anything to dry would have been next to impossible at best.

But this weekend…  Oh, this weekend…  What a fine time to be alive if you are a skein of undyed yarn or fiber!  There is nothing like a good makeover to bring you out of the doldrums.  Okay…  Maybe not.  I don’t wear makeup and no one is allowed near my head with a pair of scissors.

Allowing Myself Some Fun Times

Jewel toned sprinkles
Close up of the jewel toned sprinkles skeins

I promised myself that if I finished the single crochet rows on the Hygge CAL, I would do something fun.  It must have been one heck of an incentive because I finished Saturday afternoon when I originally had a mental deadline of Monday.  Cleaning the bathroom was not part of that equation, but it had to be done so I gave myself extra playtime by adding two more skeins of yarn to the pot.

Wow!  It’s taken me a long time to finally figure out what gets my butt in gear.  The places I could have gone if I had only known about this earlier in my life.  😉

Sprinkles on My Cake, Please

Green and turquoise sprinkle skeins
Not bad from someone trying to be salt free, huh? Green and turquoise sprinkle skeins.

Even though I am far, far away from being a master of dyeing, I wanted to try something new this time around.  While perusing online for ideas, Indigo Kitty Knits suggested using salt shakers to add the popular “sprinkle effect” to yarn.  I had originally seen the technique on a Craftsy class during one of their free streaming weekends, but I never wrote down the exact directions.

The skeins came out alright.  I have to remember to use black unless it’s a naked or lightly dyed skein.  To be critical of myself the brown looks like I really did put my blood, sweat, and tears into my work.  Literally.  Lesson learned.

Since I don’t do salt on my food and only use a pepper grinder, my shaking need some improvement.  I think I need to practice with the onion or garlic powder before I try again.

(Thinks of eye watering effect of above.)

Maybe not….

Lest the Fiber Be Forgotten

Another gloomy rainbow
This is just another gloomy rainbow. Actually, it’s not that bad.

Since it was such a fine weekend for dyeing, I had to add some fiber into the mix.  There needed to be something for the spinning bug to bite once more.  So I decided to try another rainbow.  My Little Pony is not part of my personality.  I tend to be doomy and gloomy if you look at any of the rainbows I do.  Psychology meets dyeing.  Maybe not.  I can see Freud evaluating me as a secret serial killer after taking a long look at the row of rainbows I have dyed.  At least these braids are about two-thirds yellow and orange which I believe are cheerful colors.  Right?

With the five skeins and two braids sitting next to me, I’m not sure if there is a favorite amongst the lot.  The turquoise and light green skeins came out nice but I should have used black dye for the sprinkles.  I like the jewel toned skeins with the black sprinkles though someone might think that it’s too muddied.  Since the braids came at the end of the day, the colors aren’t as bright as I would have liked though I do like the color changes.

I would love to do a bit more dyeing today, but good golly Miss Molly the weather is going to be brutal!  It’s already 90 degrees and it’s only an hour before noon.  I still have to water the plants and dump the bunny litter pans before I become one with the AC until the heat breaks.

Did you do any dyeing this weekend?  If so, how did your projects turn out?  Are you happy with them?  Or are you going to take a ticket for a mental evaluation by Freud?  Let me know in the comments below.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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