WIP Tuesday – Finally Done with the Single Crochets on the Hygge CAL

Close up of my progress on the Hygge CAL
Close up of my progress on the Hygge CAL

I am finally done with the single crochets on the Hygge CAL that I am working on for the Farm Fair.  Yipee!  Job well done, me! 🙂  Now comes the “fun” part.  Okay, once I get started it won’t be as bad as my pathetic brain keeps making it.

This is just a short (I hope) post about my progress so far.  As I went along, I placed a bright colored thread in the 1st, 10th, 20th, etc. rows so I would have a guide for the cross stitches.  I then tied these threads together to keep track of each part of the CAL.

Single Crochets First for Clarity

The entire length of the Hygge CAL so far
The entire length of the Hygge CAL so far. Do you see all the markers that help me identify each row?

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit that though I have been crocheting for years, I was rather clueless on stitch anatomy.  I have been blindly sticking my hook in places that felt right rather than the actual right places.  Sure, 99% of the stitches went in correctly, but being a master crocheter takes knowledge that I obviously lacked.

Doing all (or most actually – I still have that final bobble section and the border to complete) of the single crochets made me pay attention to each stitch.  Knowing that I was going to be revisiting them at a later date was good incentive for going slower than normal and looking at each stitch individually.

If my math is correct (and that’s another thing I’m not very good at LOL), then I have done 15,222 single crochets in parts 2 through 11.  (258 rows x 59 sc’s per row = 15,222 sc)  <—-Yup, first calculation was way off, almost double.  Stupid calculator.  😉  So that would be more than enough practice for the cross stitches, don’t you think?

So Now What?

Now that I am finally done with the single crochets I will double check my row counts once more to be sure.  Then I will begin the cross stitches and see how it goes.  I’m not going to do the final part with the bobbles until the cross stitches are 100% complete.  That is my plan and I am going to stick to it.

I would like to start this tomorrow after taking a few days off to celebrate.  The weather is supposed to be cooler and working outside in the sunshine would be nice.  Things may change as a friend is visiting from out of town and he might stop by sometime in the next few days.  We’ll see and I’ll keep you all up to date with my progress.  The Farm Fair is only a few days less than a month so I have plenty of time.  The hardest part for me is done after all.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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