The Bright Rainbow Singles – Looking for a Pattern

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Now that the bright rainbow singles are done, I am looking for a pattern to crochet.  With 1062 yards of sport weight yarn there is more than enough for a nice sized shawl or wrap.  A fancy stitch would be lost as your eyes is drawn to the bright, vibrant colors.  That being said, the yarn would look nice crocheted into a Seraphina Shawl.  But I’ve done too many of those already.  I want something different.

Last Thursday I wrote a post about fulling the Bright Rainbow Singles.  As the week has progressed the last skein has relaxed a teeny bit more.  I’m looking forward to winding them into cakes to see how the colors change from being on skeins.  I don’t expect anything terribly dramatic, but I believe that there are longer lengths of color that what I can see now.

The Truth Needing to be Told

Not perfect, I know
They are not perfect, I know. But they are all mine and I am proud of my work.

As much as I try to convince myself that I can just crochet with one skein, finish it, and pick up the other skein, I know they are not the same.  The way they are spun is similar enough, but the strands of color are just different enough that I am worried someone would see the difference immediately between one skein and the other.

To overcome this, I am going to swap rows.  One skein with be the “even numbered” row while the other will be the “odd numbered” row.  This leads to another dilemma.  On patterns that go back and forth on rows, the yarn won’t meet for two rows (Because I absolutely refuse to weave in ends on every single row.  Yuck!).  So unless the rows are made with short stitches, such as single crochets, each skein with use two rows before swapping to the other skein.  Does that make sense?  I know what I’m trying to say, but sometimes I have trouble explaining my thoughts.

A Circular Pattern?

Close up of the strands of yarn
Close up of the strands of yarn

I could choose to make a circular pattern so when I finish each round I can just pick up the other skein.  I would have to be careful to not draw attention to where the end of the round joins the beginning because it will be thicker in that one spot.  It can be done.

The next issue is that there aren’t that many patterns for a circular shawl or wrap out there.  Even doing a tablecloth would be a silly idea.  Those are mostly intended for white thread so the stitches would be lost in the swirl of rainbow color.  Hmmm….

Problems with crochet.  I’ve said it before, “The struggle is real.”

Going Down the Ravelry Rabbithole

While looking for a pattern for this yarn, it’s a requirement to go to the Ravelry website.  It’s the best place to start since it’s a large collection of patterns.  One recent pattern that uses the Scheepjes Whirl I love so much, might work well for this yarn.  It’s the Whirl Mandala Cardigan by Lilla Bjorn Designs.  It only (Ha!  Ha!  “only” – I’m funny!) uses one cake of Whirl which is just about what I have in my two skeins.  The stitches are not fancy and it is worked in the round so it would be a good match.  And though I like the pattern, I’m not quite sure this is what the yarn wants to be.

Sigh…  The hunt continues.  But since there are several other projects (Hygge, I’m looking at you) that must be completed, I have plenty of time to continue looking for a  pattern to suit this lovely yarn I spun.

Do you have any pattern suggestions for me?  Let me know in the comments below and I’ll take them into consideration.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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