What’s on My Bobbin? – To Tell You the Truth, Not Much

To tell you the truth, I have less than an ounce of fiber on my bobbin.  Because I have been working so hard on the Hygge CAL, I haven’t been spinning much these last few weeks.  The temperatures are finally more in line with the calendar so looking like a molting bunny doesn’t appeal to me at the moment.  Just now I went into the kitchen to get the fiber to photograph and ended up splashing some cool water on my face so handling the fiber would have ended in disaster.

We are expecting our first heatwave this weekend so the AC is on in preparation.  It’s so humid after the thunderstorms that rolled through earlier that the AC is a necessity.  Except for the one that woke me at 3 AM, the rest were pretty much duds.  The rain went too sharply northeast to make much of a difference for the garden.

Speaking of my garden…

It has been destroyed by someone’s chickens.  Yeah, I know.  Chickens?  If you know me personally you are probably wondering where they could possibly have come from.  It seems that the neighbors two doors down had a brilliant idea to have a flock of chickens in a trailer park.  I have nothing against chickens normally, but now the bun sisters have no garden lettuce and only one meager parsley plant (if it survives the Summer Massacre of 2018).

It started as a bit of a mystery.  The romaine I planted suddenly went “poof” and disappeared with only a few holes in the ground where they had been.  I figured it was the moles digging at the roots and the plants withering into nothing.  Then I noticed that two of the parsley plants looked limp like they needed water.  A few days later, they too disappeared.  I knew that there were chickens nearby but I never imagined that they would be this close to my house.  I guess I forgot how far my old boss’ chickens used to wander.

Yesterday I noticed that the hay that I used to mulch around the plants was fluffed up and I finally admitted to myself that Mom was right all along.  It was those damn chickens.  Grrrr……

Cut scene to my mind wildly trying to figure out a temporary fencing system to protect my garden.  The bun sisters have an extra fence so I put that in the backyard, but only on the one side the chickens probably use as a path to kill my lovely veggies.  They will have to go all the way around the front and near the road if they want to destroy the girls’ precious dinner.  I doubt it will stop them totally, but it makes me feel better until more plants are murdered.  Then I may have plot my revenge.  Dun…  Dun… Duuunnnnnn…..

Fast forward to this morning as I was dumping the coffee grounds in the front flower bed.  There they were, those vegetable serial killers, wandering idly in the neighbor’s driveway.

“Don’t you dare come into my garden,” I told them.  “I’ll be having you for dinner tonight.”

They looked at me innocently.

“Who, us?” asked the white one.

“Never in a million years would we even think to,” added the black one.

“I don’t believe you,” I retorted.  “I know your kind well enough.”

“Whatever…” they clucked as they wandered away.

So here I sit, worrying about garden.  So much for a spinning post today.

Sorry…  🙁

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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