Misc. Monday – Are We Back to Normal Yet?

After working my bunny bum off trying to get the Hygge CAL completed in time for the Farm Fair, I am hoping that things in my life are now back to normal.  I know that the word “normal” is all relative and keeps changing, but can I have my life back now?  That would be great.  Thanks.

I completed the wrap on Saturday just after noon. The lining is done.  So is the cross stitch, overlay crochet, and all the bobbles.  This afternoon I hand it over to the judges and hope they appreciate all the blood (from pricking my finger with a needle), sweat (from the hotter than hell July), and tears (not really, but it was close at times) I put into this project.

What Does “Back to Normal” Mean for Me?

Mondays mean bunny cage cleaning in the morning, a Misc. Monday blog post, and an afternoon either spinning or crocheting.  Tuesdays are reserved for the Knitting Social with Mom, followed by lunch with the ladies, and maybe some grocery shopping.  Wednesdays consist of more crocheting or spinning with maybe a late afternoon Minecraft session.  Ditto on Thursdays which is perfectly fine by me since I prefer my own company more days than not.  On Fridays I teach crochet to a lovely group of people at a local library.  I have a quick private lesson Saturday afternoons.  Laundry day is Sunday which usually means I have more than enough time to die fiber and yarn.

Repeat the above over and over again with some sprinkles of other activities or obligations.  This is my happy life.  I don’t need to travel (I have to take care of the Bun Sisters).  Home is where I am most comfortable.  Yeah, sometimes I get cabin fever.  But for the most part if I don’t have to get into my car and drive somewhere, I can keep myself occupied.

In a Perfect World

Actually, if there was such a thing as a Star Trek-like Transporter, I would probably venture out more.  Then I could “poof” my way home in time for Bunny Din-Din and hop myself into bed soon after.  But Science hasn’t come up with an economical and safe way to deconstruct our atoms, send them across space, and then reconstruct our atoms at a final destination.

I could also use, let’s say, about a million dollars.  I’d buy a monster of a gaming PC, maybe a gaming laptop just for the heck of it, and then squirrel the rest away because I’d never be able to make up my mind what to do with it.

Wake up!  Get back to the real world!

This Week’s Plans

Blog posts should return to their daily schedule once again.  Tuesdays might be in the afternoon due to the Knitting Social, but the rest should come out at noon.  I have a few mini projects I want to tackle the next few weeks, but they aren’t the overbearing monster the Hygge CAL was.  (Note to the designer:  The Hygge wasn’t a monster.  It was it incredibly stupid deadline I gave myself.  🙂 )

Look to my Etsy Shop for renewed listings and some new listings in the next few weeks.  Some things may disappear as I don’t think Etsy’s market was interested in my older crochet works.  If you really were interested in an item, send me a message and I’ll let you know if it’s still available.

Have an excellent day!

Nose Bumps
Nose bumps from the Bun Sisters

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